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squier bullet info?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by barrod10, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. ok so I wrote this thread last night and it never posted apparently so here goes again
    so yesterday I was playing my gf's brothers squier bullet strat and it was really nice, but when i tried to find info about it i couldnt find any good info on it. i can tell by the look that its pretty old and im almost positive he bought it used and he has had it for like 8 or 9 years. so here is what i know about it:

    the headstock looks like a normal strat headstock not the tele one that some had. also all it says on it is bullet really big with a little squier below that, there might be more on the end but it is covered up by a sticker :rollno: but i dont think that was big enough to cover up much except the manufacture location maybe

    ok the neck is maple and the body is black

    3 pickups, 3 knobs (tone tone volume)

    the crazy thing though is I cant find a serial number on it anywhere. its not on the headstock or the back of the headstock, or on the neckplate. being that it isnt mine Im not gonna be able to take the neck off and look in the pocket though lol.

    so I was just wondering if any one could tell me anything about it it would be nice, just for my own bit of knowledge on it. I dont play guitar so I know very little about it but it seems really old so I was wondering if he maybe had something rare and didnt even know. any info would be nice :)
  2. Does the word bullet round over l, like its not wrote straight?

    Sounds like a mid 90s korean or chinese bullet , i had one
  3. yes it like turns with the turn in the headstock if that makes sense...
    and it may be that, but i just dont know for sure. thanks for the info :)

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