Squier Bulletbass -> Dutch Deluxe p-bass

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by AllodoX, Apr 20, 2002.

  1. I've stripped the Squier Bulletbass completely, and dropped it off at a luthier.
    The bulletbass had a dent just below the pickup, and that wasn't very nice..

    The luthier will make a routing on that place for an additional humbucker, turning the standard bulletbass into a deluxe p-bass :D

    so at the neck there will be an EMG select SEP p-bass humbucker.

    and at the bridge-position there will be a WSC 4-string humbucker.
  2. that WSC humbucker looks a lot like ie. identical to, the Kent Armstrong soapbar humbucker I've added to my Hohner B2A.(see attachment)

    It's a good pickup, but it's pretty big- longer than a J pickup, and it's a bit odd using it as a thumbrest, so I've added a bit of plastic as one instead.

    make sure you wire in a series/parallel/single-coil toggle switch for the bridge humbucker- it adds a lot of versatility;)
  3. yeah.. but how do i do that ?

    It has 3 wires.. one ground and 2 leads..
    If you want to add a parallel/serial switch you need 2 leads and 2 grounds.. :(

    b.t.w. it's not a Kent Armstrong pickup..
    it's a WooSung Chorus pickup :)

  4. interesting- I had a look at the WSC website.

    their range (and particularly the "Partsline" pickups) of pickups look VERY similar to the Kent Armstrong range-

    I think that at least they must be made in the same Korean factory- Kent Armstrong's pickups stocked by WD products are made by "Dong Ho Electronics" (childish giggles:p) in Korea.

    also WSC have Musicman-style pickups with exposed polepieces that look like the ones fitted to OLP Stingrays (ie. the 5string in particular with the non-Ernie Ball 'ray shape) and the infamous Copley basses.

    -and also Jazz-style pickups with huge exposed polepieces like those fitted to the new Bass Collection basses.
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