No longer available Squier Classic Vibe 50s P-Bass - Lake Placid Blue

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    Mar 9, 2014
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    I’m selling my Squier Classic Vibe 50s P-Bass, because I haven’t been using it much. It plays great, and sounds unbelievable for a Squier. It is in pretty good shape, but has a few scratches and dings here and there, and I’ve circled most of them in the pictures. It includes a gig bag. I’m in Western PA, and would prefer a local pickup, but I’d be willing to talk shipping CONUS if you were interested. $325 for the bass and gig bag, plus shipping if applicable.

    It’s had the following modifications and upgrades made:
    • White Pickguard replaced with Tort (original included)
    • All new American electronics and knobs (CTS pots, quality orange drop cap, Switchcraft jack, Fender telecaster style knobs)
    • Pickup and Bridge covers installed.
    • Lacquer removed from back of neck, and refinished with oil, for a smooth feeling satin finish.
    • Tusq nut installed
    • LaBella Flatwound strings.
    • Control cavity and underside of pickguard shielded with copper tape.
    6BB9072F-19AD-4127-B830-A6BFC55311CB.jpeg F573F491-F9F6-4076-B916-9DF9CC099C0F.jpeg 609CC935-C176-4F76-B314-F345323B2A3E.jpeg 4F3C4AE2-321E-4010-821E-2553193813C1.jpeg 600AA75A-44A2-41FD-B09A-8E68081957F3.jpeg D178628C-CE40-4D41-9BA2-A30717606A3C.jpeg ECABAE42-9F83-4C93-BD59-D277AF816C33.jpeg 7A459407-125A-4EB6-8B4B-977CF62B4666.jpeg 06E96639-582B-41A8-B5FF-0163C00E8C76.jpeg 67E0C06F-0602-4554-B760-016552970639.jpeg
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