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For Sale Squier Classic Vibe '70s P — Featherweight, w/upgrades

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Willicious, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Willicious

    Willicious Supporting Member

    Feb 24, 2008
    Bend, Oregon
    Bought this bass new from Sweetwater March 2017. Has a Sept 2016 date on neck heel. SN indicates 2016, as well. Bass sounded and played great out of the box, but yeah, you know how it goes. I had to upgrade it.

    Basic specs:
    • Basswood body w/poly finish
    • Maple neck; 1-5/8" nut width; vintage-size fretwire; 10" radius

    Weight: 6 lb. 8.3 oz. as pictured. 6 lb. 12.4 oz. w/chrome bridge cover mounted. Cover included in sale.

    • Gotoh GBR640 reverse tuning machines
    • Sadowsky Blue Label round wound strings
    • Fender Pure Vintage '63 pickup
    New controls from fellow TB'er @HEADbass: CTS 250K audio taper potentiometers, Russian military K40Y-9 capacitor .047uF/200V, Switchcraft jack and Gavitt vintage wire. His craftsmanship is 10/10.
    • Fender Pure Vintage aluminum control knobs

    Overall condition: 9/10

    Bridge: at one point, I mounted a standard Fender bridge, which required a fill and redrill of the two outside screw holes. For this sale, I decided to re-fit the nicer original Squier brass saddle bridge. It fits excellent, with no witness marks evident from the Fender bridge.

    Overall finish: A few swirl marks here and there on body and pickguard, but bass looks great overall. Small chips of finish missing @ lower corner of neck pocket. See photo.

    Body routing: I routed a Warmoth-style trussrod adjustment channel, hidden under pickguard, so if you ever swap to a neck w/heel trussrod adjustment, your life will be easier. I also did some minor routing within the pickup cavity area just to lighten the bass a bit more. All routing done neatly.

    Frets / overall neck condition: Excellent. I've run flatwounds 100% of the time I've owned it. I only set it up with rounds because I figure it's a more popular configuration. Truss rod works great. No fret sprout. Neck is a little more amber / vintage tint in real life than shown in these images.

    Setup: I just gave the bass a fresh setup. Medium action @ 5/64". First fret action set up medium-low for comfortable playing in the first position. Also installed a StewMac 1/2° tapered neck shim to allow for correct setup of action with the Squier bridge's large brass saddles. Also gives a little more string break angle over the saddles. At this point, the setup is dialed and the bass plays and sounds great.

    Shipping: No gig bag or case. Bass will ship in the original Squier / Sweetwater double box.

    $475 shipped CONUS, with insurance. PayPal.

    IMG_0018. IMG_0019. IMG_0020. IMG_0021. IMG_0022. IMG_0023. IMG_0024. IMG_0025. IMG_0026. IMG_0027. IMG_0028. IMG_0029. IMG_0030. IMG_0032.
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  2. Goodness that is a lightweight one
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