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Squier CV 60s P Bass/ Many Upgrades

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by okc-zee, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. THis is a SQUIER Fiesta Red CV 60s P bass..Bought new and used in a photo shoot for an all girl band here in OKC that never materialized after the shoot...A Fender decal was applied to the headstock under several coats of vintage amber nitro,which I understand was done to all of their Squier guitars before the shoot...The bass was offered to me for sale shortly after their project ended about a year ago and I added these upgrades along the way...I added a set of Fender vintage reverse tuners,and a Fender string tree to the headstock...I replaced the pickguard with a new Fender 62 RI tort guard...I then added a new Fender 62 Vintage pick up,along with the 62 pick guard shielding plate...I also added CTS pots and a switchcraft jack,orange drop capacitor and added Fender P bass knobs...I also added the pick up cover and appropriate ashtray bridge cover that fits the CV 60's bridge...I just put a fresh set of GHS precision flats on it,(45-95),and bough a new gig bag for it...I'll also include the original pick up ...Bass has the original Squier neckplate...Headstock finish appears slightly darker than the rest of the neck...Bass has never been gigged,and is 100 % flawless,mint as new...Low buzz free action,It plays and sounds awesome...I just picked up a brand new 62 AVRI P,so I need to let it go...I'm pricing it a $325 shipped,CONUS only... Any questions,just PM me...
  2. Bass still for sale..here's a bump
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  4. Price lowered to $325 shipped ...If no interest in a couple of days I'll either part it out or just keep it...