SOLD Squier Jazz Bass Body, Audere Pre-Amp

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    Too many projects !! Offered for sale is the following:

    Squier Standard Jazz Bass body: LOADED
    Sunburst finish, new Alnico 5 pickups, Squier High-Mass bridge w/brass saddles. Battery box has been installed, should you ever want to install a preamp. Includes Fender "F" neckplate and screws. Weight is 6 lbs (per bathroom scale) Slight finish scratches - no dings or gouges ! ---- $145.00 SHIPPED

    Audere 2 Band plate-mounted pre-amp for Jazz Bass: Excellent condition !
    Description from Audere's Website:
    True organic sound with superb string touch response.

    Active Balance system expands the useful pickup mixing combinations.

    Active Tone controls have a flat frequency response in the center detents and support both subtle and more extreme sculpting.

    Supports all types of pickups and includes independent 0-10 dB gain adjustments for mixed pickup configurations.

    LED Battery Meter informs you of your batteries charge condition.

    Easy to install in a standard Jazz Bass body with simple hand tools - no wood modifications or battery box needed.

    Battery box is not required but can be used if present.

    We designed our unique electronic circuits using high quality industrial components.

    We build our surface mount circuit boards in house and assemble the preamps in South Beach, Oregon, USA.
    Chrome plate with black knobs. Control layout is Master volume, Pickup blend, and concentric (stacked bass and treble tone controls. -------------- $65.00 Shipped

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    Wow! Two Squier Standard bass bodies with Antique Burst finishes going up for sale on the same day! What are the flippin' odds?!

    Hmm…should let @GermantownBassp know a Jazz to match his newly purchased P-Bass Special body is available? :D
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