SOLD Squier Jazz Bass Heavily Upgraded MONSTER TONE!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by SLAPMAN, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Jan 26, 2005
    New London,CT
    This is a Squier Affinity Jazz Bass that I picked out from over a dozen at GC because it had great potential and really good tone right out of box....

    *Alder body finished in Metallic Red with White pickguard
    *Maple Neck
    *Rosewood fingerboard
    *Chrome hardware

    The pickups have been replaced with custom wound Lindy Fralin Jazz Bass pickups with closed covers.

    These are 20% overwound with 43 gauge Poly Nylon Wire.These pickups are punchy,fat and clear.Sometimes pickups can get"muddy"when they are overwound but not these pickups.They have all the snap and clarity associated with great jazz bass pickups but are fatter than a standard set because of the overwind.They sound GREAT and will work well for any style of music.

    It also has CTS 250 K Pots,Switchcraft Jack,.047 Mylar capacitor on the tone control,New Black Skirted Jazz Bass knobs with set screw and all new wiring in the control cavity.

    Additionally the bass had a pro fret seat/level/crown/polish and has been set up and intonated(still has stock strings on it currently)No sharp fret edges and the truss rod works beautifully.

    This is one of the best jazz basses I have ever come across in terms of the neck feel and consistency of tone....

    It's totally a fluke because a lot of these that I tried were fair at best....

    It sounds as good as some of the really good 60's jazz basses I have played!

    It has some small dings and scratches on it because it has my main player but nothing really to speak of....

    Because of the parts upgrades and labor that went into it I am asking $460 shipped in the lower 48 states(It would cost quite a bit more for you to buy this bass and have the work done yourself)

    But I will say whoever gets this bass will not be disappointed!

    It truly is a special instrument and I will be sad to see it go....

    I can provide pictures to seriously interested parties...

    Thanks For Looking!

    [email protected]
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