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Squier JV Series

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by SmallFace, Sep 1, 2002.

  1. I did a search and read what has already been written on this topic, thinking it could be nice with some updated information gathered in the same thread. I'm on my way buying an old MIJ Squier P-bass from the early '80s JV (Japanese vintage?) series - an '83, actually - and now I would like to hear something from other owners/players. Do you have anything special to say about yours? Have any nice pics? :)
  2. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    all i have to say is that i was so dull when i sold my Squier JV jazz bass. great player!!
  3. Okay, but why did you sell it, then? On the hunt for something new, maybe? :)
  4. JV Squiers are just great. I've got a 62 RI P, made in '84, myself (well, at least that's what it was marketed as, it's not a straight reissue, mine has what I think is a basswood body to begin with, and the neck is different from Fender's current RI:s, it's not as thin and wide, but I think I like that a bit better as I have quite small hands), and it both plays and sounds as good as any other Fender P (except for an old. 63 one should have bought...) I've laid my hands on. Of course, the TI flats I've put on it might have something to do with it's greatness in sound.
    The construction is solid as a rock.
    What kind is the one your looking at, BTW, a 57 or 62 RI? I would love to have a 57 RI to complement my 62 (nudge, nudge, if you don't want it, and it is a 57 RI, feel free to give the seller my e mail adress ;)). I'd also love a stock one, mine has a homemade - and a very good one at that - bridge, and it's been rudely refretted.
    Oh, and how much is the seller asking for it? I paid 6 000 kr for mine, and that's probably a bit high if you look at market value. No regrets, though.
  5. Actually - the one I am considering is a 57 RI, and the seller is asking 6000 kronor. I don't think the price you paid is too much at all, as these basses do not seem to be very common in Sweden. The particular specimen I am looking at is also almost mint (whatever that means..) according to the seller. We'll see if I get it or not! :)
  6. Cool. Regarding the price, I would have been happier to pay what I paid if the bass, that's in excellent condition otherwise BTW, hadn't been messed with (i e poorly executed refret job and a new bridge, sure, the old one was included, but it's a bit smaller than the new one, so it's probably left visible contours in the finish). Still, I'm not complaining. I got a bass that I find nicer, in almost every respect, than the current MIA P:s (don't even think of comparing JV:s to your typical modern day Squier). Anyways, I just recently saw a JV P on the website of a quite good shop in Malmö, for 4 000. Didn't last long (I would've bought it myself, had I been able to afford it at the time). But, I've also seen a JV Jazz bass in a classified ad, and the seller wanted, IIRC, close to or over 14 000 (that's about $1400 for all of you who pay for things in USD) :eek: for it! Don't think he got it sold at that price...
    So, 5-6000 is probably what you'll "have" to pay for a JV P in our parts, and considering what you get for your money, it's almost peanuts.
    Good luck, and if you ever get bored with your 57 RI and feel like selling it (if you decide to buy it in the first place, that is), please PM me... ;)
  7. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    good question. i sold it because i was thinking that i didn't need a jazz bass. i was totally in love with my Precision and used the money to buy a copmuter. now i'd like to have that bass back.

    i was a dull.

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