SOLD Squier MII 2020 Affinity PJ body, race red, partially loaded

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    Excellent condition made-in-Indonesia Squier Affinity PJ body. These are from the newer run of Affinities that are using poplar instead of alder on Chinese bodies. Much better build quality than my 2019 Chinese-made Affinity, and maybe a half pound lighter. Selling'll receive the body as pictured, with stock pickups, pickguard screws, stock bridge, and stock input jack. I'll also include a neck plate and mounting screws. The race red is a beautiful color, somewhere between capri orange and Fiesta red. Stunning with a cream/parchment or brown tort pickguard. No dents or dings, maybe a few swirl marks. Accepts any Fender standard neck heel. Asking $135 shipped CONUS. PayPal only, please.

    IMG_3891.jpg IMG_3892.jpg IMG_3893.jpg
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