SOLD Squier p bass neck

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    May 4, 2009
    Iona, Florida
    2014 Squier p bass neck of unknown origin. I’ve used this for years as a test neck for p and j bass builds. I took a small amount of material off of the sides of the heel when I first got it and now she fits almost every p or JJ body. G tuner has a slight bend. Truss rod works perfectly and she’ll take a low set up. $85 shipped east of ole Miss, $95 west. She’s been great to me but I’m done building and I need to downsize. Thanks

    3BD1FAB4-E89B-4A84-8D55-3ED5BEBE0D24.jpeg 4341DB19-0208-46F2-8496-99AF03E28495.jpeg 08060D02-0DCB-435B-8A08-217671609243.jpeg 32C7407D-997F-4859-BC9D-B98892851097.jpeg F78C2E3B-A500-4E85-A636-93C194A74461.jpeg E9B2F50E-6D9A-4CCD-91DC-FB023ED6C2E8.jpeg 6F3CD189-0B11-4957-B9AC-2A63C8E9047E.jpeg 4C63E6AA-01AE-44FF-A290-75DFA56E4F61.jpeg EA3AB3E1-C2B2-40E4-A107-C6A1ABBFF2A7.jpeg 0539EADF-4E90-4186-9FA1-7F3E2074E33B.jpeg 7621467A-C570-4CC2-ADF5-157B206E4F37.jpeg
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    what is the nut width?
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    May 4, 2009
    Iona, Florida

    Sorry about the pic.