Squier P-bass with upgrades and vintage hardshell case

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  1. Squier (by fender) P-bass with ernie ball strings and fender p-bass pickups, exelent condition no dings no dents, bought it in 01' great beginer bass, but its time for me to upgrade. the hadrshell case is a vintage looking case and thats about 6 months old will take 200 obo, im flexable on prices, buyer pays s&h
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    Welcome to TB. First off ,some pics are in order here, no? Also, a better description as well, i.e. color, what are the upgrades, etc. etc. I don't mean to come off as an ass, oh hell I am one anyway, so I do mean to ;)
  3. hey man, na its cool ive never sold anything online before so im kinda new, um lets see, its prett basic, its a black squier p-bass with white pickguard, i put stock fender volume and tone knobs on there the srtings are ernie ball and the pickups are stock fender p-bass, its in super good condition no dents or anything few scratches on the pickguard but other than thats its your standard squier p-bass, and remember im flexable on the price, john