Squier P vs. Fender P?

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  1. Well...a week and a half after the purchase of my wonderful Ampeg...GAS has set in AGAIN.

    I have a Squier Affinity P-bass. Its ok. I do like the P-bass sound. But on this bass, the neck doesn't feel right, the tuners are...crap, and the electronics are noisy.

    There doesn't seem to be as much output from the Squier as there is from my MIM Jazz. Would there be more output from a MIM P than the Squier? Or is it just the nature of a P-bass to be quieter?

    The Fender necks always seemed to have been finished better and seem to fit my hands better. And if I got a MIM P, Id probably get it Midnight Blue to match my Jazz.

    Upgrading the Squier is completely out of the question. I don't want to. It's a new bass or nothing.

    Another thing I might look at is P/J combos. Ive played Squiers, which were...okay, and MIA Fenders which was wonderful. It was that transparent orange. Is there a MIM version? How is that?

    And are the MIM P's $384 now? I know the Jazzes are. Is there a reason for the increase?

    Sorry for the length of the post. I just have a lot of questions.
  2. cadillac vs. kia??
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    I agree upgrading the Squier is a waste of time and $$$$.

    Personally I don't think going from a Squier to a MIM is worth the money, either. Especially with these recent price increases, USED MIJ and MIA basses are looking better and better :)

    Here's one for $399 that'll smoke any MIM P bass:

    http://www.bassnw.com/Used Basses/fender_pbass_lyte_vsb_barts.htm

    If you can get up to $500, used MIA Fenders are in your grasp.

    And during the time you;re saving up the extra dough, you can be busy practicing :)
  4. I highly recomend getting a used yrbx760... :) in fact I have one for sale. mwah ha ha...another useless sales pitch. I need to get rid of this bass so I can get my wireless.
  5. Well, call me closed minded, call me Leo Fender's b*tch, call me what you will...but I'm only considering Fenders at this point. I like the Fender designs and definitely the sound. And I like passive basses. 4-string only. :)

    Yeah, so sorry disappoint some of you.

    Keep in mind, I HAVE played basses with active electronics. I have played Ibani, Warwick, Musicman, and other such things. Other than Musicman (those DO sound really good) I like Fenders. Im not sure why. They fit me like a glove and the sound is what I like. *gets off soapbox* Im done now.