No longer available Squier Standard Stratocaster + SKB Case

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    Greetings, All!

    I'm putting the last remaining member of "The Three Amigos" up for sale, a Satin Pewter Metallic, 2007 Squier Standard Stratocaster. Included is it's tremolo bar (not pictured), an SKB Universal Shaped Electric Guitar Soft Case, and a Snark headstock tuner.

    It's missing the backplate, but beyond that, this Strat is in excellent condition. There's a small scuff at the tip of the headstock and some nearly invisible surface scratches on the backside. Most recently, it's received a professional guitar tech setup and a new set of Ernie Ball Cobalt strings.

    I'm asking $250 for everything, including shipping to the Lower 48 States. Anything further will cost extra. PayPal is preferred, but a discount for a face-to-face cash transaction can be worked out for anyone in the Delaware/New Jersey/Northern Maryland/Easter Pennsylvania region.

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