Squier Vintage Modified Fretless Jazz LOVE

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Baird6869, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Baird6869

    Baird6869 RIP Gord Downey. A True Canadian Icon.

    I cannot believe that I am saying this but I rehearsed this morning with my Squier fretless VM Jazz and my band thought it was the best sounding bass I have ever played. I have owned Sadowskys, Warwicks, Roscoes, Dingwalls, etc.

    It sounded amazing with my TC Electronics RH450 and 210 cab.

    We play Van Halen, Eagles, The Band, Chili Peppers, Bon Jovi, Theory of a Deadman, etc (basically everything) and it sounded great for everything.

    I didn't WANT it to sound that good as I have a dozen+ high end basses, but it really did.

    Just wanted to post this as many of us are really hung up on only playing high end stuff...

    P.S. I paid approx $250USD for this bass new.

    P.P.S. My 1973 Jazz and 1974 P (and my other basses) will be staying home for my gig tomorrow....
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  2. Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson Supporting Member

    Jan 12, 2005
    Toronto, Ontario
    Endorsing Artist: Elixir® Strings
    OT : I have the classic head and 2x10 on the way to Toronto today from TC.

    On topic: the fretlesses (Fretli?) are absolutely KILLER basses. I want to pick one up.
  3. chrisrusty99


    Oct 2, 2008
    I love mine too
  5. Glad to hear you really like your Squire. I've got one, but don't play it that much anymore. I got it mainly to play just so I could get into fretless for cheap and it has served that purpose. I've since installed Barts 9J1's in it now it really zings with mwah.
  6. vikunja


    Oct 29, 2004
    Got one as well and I am amazed at how good it sings! The "mwah" sound is exceptionally good! Glad I didn't use more money on a fretless! The only thing on the bass which is absolutley crap is the bridge. Feels like plastic! I'm changing it soon to a gotoh bridge. The pickups are pretty good, but I'm planning to put som delano pickups in the bass. Looking forward to that! As long as one doesn't play a lot of fretless this bass is a really good choice!
  7. boomtisk


    Nov 24, 2009
    You are correct, the plural of "fretless" is indeed "fretli". :p

    On Topic: C'mon, Squier, why not make a lefty version of those? Pretty please?
  8. blowabs


    Apr 7, 2007
    Brooklyn, NY
    Funny...I just played mine today for an hour since not playing it for two months--- wont do that again. A pleasure to play that light, skinny-necked, musical thing. My ex-teacher, who has $5k basses said, "dont you ever sell that thing, you hear me, $250??!!!" I blacked it out completely (down to the neck plate), shielded it, put new pots in it, and added a gotoh bridge (which did absolutely nothing to inc. sustain- unlike my SQ VM J Fretted- go figure). (I am gonna use it to sharpen my fingering too.)
  9. Do you have samples? I'd love to hear what this bass and that amp sounded like together.
  10. bass_snake

    bass_snake Inactive

    Aug 13, 2008
    Stouffville, Ontario
    Ha! I love mine too. Thanks for this post. ;)

  11. Can't get enough of mine.
  12. blowabs


    Apr 7, 2007
    Brooklyn, NY
    ....hmmm....yeah, what he said...
  13. davkane


    Jul 27, 2007
    Off Topic: I keep fighting off buying one of these, because it will mean I need to dump one of my other basses. I have played 3 different ones and I immediately fall in love with it what I play it. I already have 4 basses and can not justify it just yet. But the bass does seem to defy logic, because of its price, I too find that it sounds better (and feels better) than my Schecter 5 string.
  14. I'm looking for a gig I can use mine for on a regular basis. BTW If you ever get the chance to play one through a large system with a decent sound-guy, they sound monstrously good.
  15. bh2


    Jun 16, 2008
    Oxford, UK
    I thought I was going to have to sell on my '62 Jazz fretless, so one of these was going to be a replacement.

    Still might get one as a back up though.
  16. Baird6869

    Baird6869 RIP Gord Downey. A True Canadian Icon.

    This bass is the real deal.

    I also have a fretless Benavente with Lane Poor pickups... the Squier (right now) is my favorite.

    I played ity last night at a jam with 7 guitarists and all of them were blown away by the tone I was getting out of this thing.

    For $250, this is a seriously giggable bass and a blast to play. It is exciting to play a bass that is dirt cheap and sounds wicked.

    In any case, this is (for now) my go to bass for everything.
  17. bh2


    Jun 16, 2008
    Oxford, UK
    This from a TBer... looks great with guard and covers...

  18. SpamBot


    Dec 25, 2008
    St. Paul, MN
    You sure that's the Squier body? Mine has a significantly different burst, much darker
  19. john_g

    john_g Supporting Member

    Sep 14, 2007
    I have one too and my band said the same thing about it sounding the best of my basses. I told myself that I am going to use it solely for one of our upcoming gigs, which would be a first for me (using only a fretless on a gig.)

    I did replace the bridge on it with a gotoh, put on a pickguard that looks exactly like the one above, and am thinking about replacing the pickups. It really is a fantastic bass for the price.
  20. i cant figure out if i should buy one or not!
    i can get one at a killer price but am not into music which involves fretless bass. also, its a whole new instrument (vibrato, etc) i cant decide if i should take up or not :(
    but its such a great bass and i dont want to loose a killer deal so i dunno
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