SOLD Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass '77 3-Color-Sunburst 3TSB Two Months Old Upgraded PG and Knobs

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    Greetings, TB shoppers. This is it - the very bass that TB-folk jump on the forums to say "even better than my Fender!" All kidding aside, if you've tried one of these Vintage Modified basses, you know that they are great basses for the price point. This one is no exception - plays great, sounds great, looks great - it's pretty sweet. Why am I getting rid of it? Well, it's just a matter of adhering to a bass in = bass out mantra.

    So the bass was purchased new by me in December. It's got a few fingerprints and some pickguard scratches on both pickguards. Yes, two pickguards! I obeyed TB "tort law" and got a tort guard that makes the bass look a lot more like my '73. I also added genuine Fender Jazz knobs to complete the look. Original knobs and black guard (pictured overlayed on the bass once for your viewing pleasure below) are included. Also included is the flimsy factory Fender-branded gig bag.

    Price is $279 shipped CONUS with both guards, both sets of knobs, and the gig bag. If you want the generic hard case in good condition in the pictures I'll include it (and the gig bag as well!) for an additional $50.


    DSC_0013.JPG DSC_0001.JPG DSC_0002.JPG DSC_0003.JPG DSC_0005.JPG DSC_0006.JPG DSC_0008.JPG DSC_0009.JPG DSC_0012.JPG

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    Still avaiable
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    Yes, @BigBear77 , it is!
  5. Dang, I wish I played fours....


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    I have a Ric, Cutlass, BB1024x and a P bass and I keep taking my Squier VM 77 to gigs. These basses really are that good. GLWTS.
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