SOLD Squier VM 77 Natural Jazz Body Loaded and Upgraded

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  1. maverick49

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    Jun 13, 2012
    Southern California
    Up for sale is an excellent Squier Vintage Modified 77 Jazz Body in Natural, fully loaded and upgraded. This beautifully grained Maple body is in excellent condition with no major dings or scratches that I can find. I upgraded the pickups to Aguilar 4J-70 Hot 70s ($120 value), Fender deluxe bridge, and pearloid pickguard. I will also include the pictured black pickguard, neck plate, and screws. Fully loaded weight on my scale is 6.8lbs - some vintage heft.

    $220 OBO shipped CONUS
    737D876D-9CAA-44E4-A163-E1C730143BA9.JPG 737D876D-9CAA-44E4-A163-E1C730143BA9.JPG 545EE8B1-69BA-4047-94FE-96C22E315D43.JPG 94DBF28C-185E-46ED-BE2A-FC70299833FC.JPG 9764AA96-37E4-479B-BA0A-35C04CB80A4C.JPG
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