squier vm pj or ibanez sr300e?

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which bass should i go for?

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  1. squier vintage modified precision pj

  2. ibanez sr300e

  1. yoonie


    Jul 24, 2019
    hi everyone, i'm a new player looking to learn how to play the bass. i'd like some input on these 2 basses that i'm looking to buy.

    just for some background, i find that i really like the sound of a p-bass, and would wish to get something that either has pj pickups or something that can sound like it. i would also prefer a bass that's on the lighter side as well. i'm looking for something that can last me at least 5 years and more.

    i have narrowed down my choices to these 2 basses as they're within my budget - the squier vintage modified precision pj and the ibanez sr300e.

    i have tried the ibanez in store a few months back, it had a nice light body and a thin neck too but it didn't really "click" immediately with me, perhaps i will need to go back and try it again to really see if i like it or not.

    as for the squier, i did not get to try it in store so i do not have much experience with it, however it seems like the squier vm basses are quite popular and has better upgradability than the ibanez. it also has the pj pickups which i feel like are overall easier to understand and control than ibanez's active eq controls. however, i'm not sure if it's still in stock as it seems to be out of stock everywhere and i'm not sure if it will be back in stock any time soon either.

    would appreciate your opinions on these basses, or feel free to recommend something in a similar price range. thanks!
  2. pappabass

    pappabass Inactive

    May 19, 2006
    Alabama !! Roll Tide
    I am not a ibanez fan, but the ibanez sr300e actually is pretty cool. Active eq, humbuckers. It is not a 'classic' shape like the fender or Squier which I prefer. The active eq will give you good sound versatility. I voted for the Squier.
  3. Yahboy


    May 21, 2008
    Both are nice bass.

    Squier VM PJ has wider and fatter neck than super slim SR300e neck.

    I prefer SR powerspan pickups and electronic over Squier VM PJ . She produce better tone to my ear.

    But, I sold the SR300E because banana neck.

    I recommend you YaMaha TRBX 304 or Sire v3 . Hopehelp
  4. CallMeAl

    CallMeAl Supporting Member

    Dec 2, 2016
    Ithaca Ny
    Out of those 2, I voted squier, because you said you like the P sound and the ibanez didnt click. I find it rare-to-never a bass grows on me, I like it to feel good from day 1. But the weight may be a deal breaker.

    Consider used! Where are you located? I can usually find a used MIM fender at/near the price of a new squier.

    The important thing is get your hands on as many instruments as possible. There are a ton of P and PJ options out there. Ibanez TMB line comes to mind (dont know where they fall on weight though) and look at dean, sire, peavey, yamaha too. Here's a stellar Yamaha review:
    NBD:My new favorite bass (Yamaha BB)

    Personally I prefer the squier. Your point about upgrades is valid as fender spec parts are easiest to find. ("upgrades" is debatable, let's call them "customizations.")
  5. Yonni


    Oct 31, 2016
    I didn’t vote because I can’t tell you what works for you. A P is very different from an active bass. Not sure what you mean about upgrade ability as there will be plenty of options for both. Almost guaranteed that the Ibanez will be lighter but you can’t know for sure until you try the Squier. I started on a lower spec Ibanez (GSR180) and I’m about to put some top end pickups in it. I also own a Läkland but find the weight an issue, so I revert to playing the Ibanez a lot. If it’s not right for you though, I wouldn’t buy it. I tried over 30 bases before I bought my Läkland. Now I’m looking for a Fender P and I’ve tried around 20 recently. I won’t buy until I’ve tried a bunch more or I find one I don’t want to put down. Some of the $2,000 Fenders played worse than MIM ones. So I’m saying it’s your choice. They’ll both do the job fine but in slightly different ways. Keep trying basses until you find one you really want to play. Good luck.
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