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Squier VM tele bass/precision reviews?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by thedudebrah, Dec 29, 2012.

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    Did some searching but couldn't really find answers I was looking for. Maybe my search skills suck.

    Who has one of these? A local shop has one for 250 with HSC and I'm gassing for one, but I've never played a fender with a single humbucker. I'm a little worried because I hear people refer to them as "mudbuckers" and I'm wondering if they're that bad? I'm playing in a "blues punk/rock and roll" band, with a pick, through an SVT rig. Always strung with rounds. I haven't gotten to play the bass yet, and I just wanted to see if any TB'ers are digging theirs.

    I'm thinking of trading the epi thunderbird I just bought because I can't get over the neck dive and it's not super comfortable for me to play.

    What does TB think?
  2. Anyone?

    How about someone with a vintage Fender Tele bass?
  3. sven kalmar

    sven kalmar

    Apr 29, 2009
    well o had one for about a year. I likedet it but it had its "sides" . When i got the fat heavy deep sound i was looking for it became too much while playing high on the neck. very special PU. I liked it but eventually sold it. Nice neck.
  4. I always tend to play fender basses right in the "sweet spot", so I won't be right over the pickup. I watched some videos on YouTube, but none of them really reflected my playing style, so I think I might be better off just going up and demoing it in the store. I'm mostly worried about not being able to get any decent mids out of it and getting buried in the mix.
  5. You might consider saving up a few more bucks and look into the Fender Modern Player Telecaster bass. More or less the same but with an additional humbucker by the bridge. Should be able to get you those mids you're looking for. On a couple of YouTube vids I really dug the tone. A lot of bottom end, but still very punchy and a lot of presence.
  6. I've considered them, but not really into them. Something about an extra pickup on a bass over complicating it for me lol. I've never liked P/J basses either. I'm a fan of extreme simplicity. I'm sure it sounds weird.