Squire: Affinity or Standard?

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  1. :help: I need another bass for jazz combo, and I don't think my Rogue 5 string is going to cut it. I have a very tight budget and I was looking at getting a Squire Standard Jazz bass, but then I saw the Affinity at a lower price and I'm all like, as far as I'm concerned they are almost the same, they didn't list any differences, they basically said the same d*mn thing :scowl: . So I'm wondering what's the difference, should I spend the extra $40 for Standard or go all cheapie and get the Affinity? Is there another jazz bass anyone can suggest within that price range? Thanks! :help:
  2. Spend the extra for the Standard.
  3. well, i would guess you will be getting a quality (sound, construction) lower than a regular squier...
    personally i would recommend essex click here!

    or get the 5 string for 30 bucks more. now click here!
    i think just about any essex will beat squier in every catagory.
    you actually have more choices than those two, just go to rondomusic.com and find a bass thats better than a squier
  4. O_O Wow superbassman2000!!! That looks really nice!!!...now how well do they sound? :eyebrow:
    ...wait...they're 30 lbs!?!?! :hyper: Excersise for me!!!
  5. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
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    Shipping weight is 30 pounds. Actual weight is about 9.

    THey sound 100x better than a Squier btw.
  6. Heh, heh, sorry I just saw that now... :oops: uh, yeah...

    thanks for the input, I think I'll go for the 5-string!!! :D
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    Essex. Go ahead, buy a couple.
  9. they sound great...as figjam said...they sound 100x better than anything in the same price range...easily