Squire Affinity P vs Yamaha Attitude Plus.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Rockin John, Oct 3, 2001.

  1. As opposed to selling my Sq. P (thread elsewhere on that) and having no other bass, I might still sell it but buy the Yamaha very cheaply.

    Is there any wisdom, please, about the qualities of the Yamaha. Clearly they're both budget basses but I kinda feel more attracted to the Yam because, well, because it's a Yamaha and I can afford to buy.

    I might, too, feel disposed to bung a decent pup on the Yamaha and maybe even play about with body colour, etc, whilst I can't help felling that the Squier is just a Squier.

    Having said all that, the Sq. might be a much better bass so I'd be better off keeping that.

    Any wisdom, please?


  2. um my squire was a piece of crap, i sold it after like 2 weeks, you would enjoy the yamaha better probably tho i havent played it, thats just my opinion, why dont u find a music store that has a yamaha and try it.
  3. If you've never had any complaints about your squire..then keep it.. You want to mess around with the colors? The squires that I've stripped have pretty nice wood underneath. I've never been very impessed with Yamaha's.. I loved my squire.. sometime, someone needs to realize that a more expensive bass doesn't always make a better bass. Every once in a while you find a really cheap bass that happens to play really nice, and even sound not half bad, and those ya gotta keep. :D
  4. screw the attitude, buy my rbx760 :) . Im willing to sell it for dirt cheep, it doesnt match my style and I just got a new jazz bass so I need to get rid of the thang.
  5. OK White'. Y' got yourself a deal ;).

    I've agreed £35 for the Atitude. What's that: $50?

    :D I'd love it @ $50:D.

    You pay the carriage? How does that sound?

    Super offer...unless the neck's broken an' all??

  6. chronik30

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    Sep 27, 2001
    Akron, Ohio
    I like the squires. for a few reasons.
    I get them cheap usually like 100 used
    I get used EMG's and a new perloid pickgaurd and walla a decent sounding playing bass for under 200.
    Its not the best sounding or the most extravagent looking. But when u are playing in bars and beat the crap out of them the cheaper the better as long as it still plays decent and doesnt hamper your style. Especailly incase some one might walk off with it. I would miss it if someone walked off with it but wouldnt be broken up about it like I would if I lost my US spector. I am not out there trying to empress anyone with my equipment alone. half the time from where people are sitting the cant read what the headstock says anyways cus they are two drunk. LOL I have played a few Yamahas and was only empressed by the more expensive ones. I think the squire depending on whether it is a older one or a newer should be od better quality thatn the yamaha.
  7. FatFunker

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    Sep 6, 2001
    Rochester, New York
    Dude you can put leather seats, rims, new paint, new engine, new stereo system into a ford pinto but no matter what you do it's always going to be a pinto.
  8. I think we can read the above as: You can change all those things and it will still LOOK like a Pinto, and thats not as cool as a Mustang with Pinto parts in it.... B-A-H! :rolleyes:
  9. Good morning guys, and a warm welcome to TB to chronik30.

    My thoughts are likewise: no matter what you do to a Squier, it's still a Squier. The one I've got, though, is quite good all round. I just want a second bass to go with the Bass Collection should I sell the Sq.

    The Yam is a Yam and comes in @ the right price. And any cash left from selling the Sq could go towards my lad's Christmas present, I thought, and I'd still have 2 basses. That's my line of thought......

  10. ... How will you get a second bass if you sell your first one? A Squires don't bring in much cash, and unless you are buying something that is LOWER in quality, you definately not have anything left over :( If you've got a squire that is good, then why get rid of it for a bass that might not be so hot? Save up a little more and buy that second bass.. or find an ONLY bass that you really love and toss the Squire... either way.. I wouldn't toss a way an instrument that you enjoy for an instrument you might not, until you are sure that THAT is what you're looking for.

    Just my 3cents :)

  11. I use a Bass Collection SB310. The Sq was bought first. That's been relegated to a standby. The Sq should fetch about £85. I've offered £35 for the Yam. Remainder goes towards son's Xmas pressie.