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Squire jaguar upgrades

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by MovinTarget, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. MovinTarget


    Jan 30, 2018
    Maryland, USA
    My wife is buying me a vm jag for xmas. The full scale active one...

    So of course I am already scheming how i am gonna mod the crap out of it!

    I have never dealt with a control plate before, always rear-rout, is there anything to take into accout like taller posts, etc?
  2. descendent22


    Jul 29, 2015
    I’m looking into getting a squire VM jaguar with the full scale also. I prefer Fender p bass specials and Fender in general but Fender makes squire and I don’t feel like spending tons of money on a bass that I’m buying just to play a few songs In drop tuning. With that said i’m Looking into the jaguar because of the PJ pickup config. I’d be making mods right away also. I’d be installing active EMG pickups and probably a bridge upgrade.im not gunna go crazy cause like I said it’s a drop tuned bass for several songs.

    As far as the control plate goes don’t be to intimidated. I own a couple Fender and squire Jazz basses. This is gunna sound somewhat perverted... If you’re changing pots and are worried about shaft lengths just make sure to have some extra washers and or nuts. But one thing to look for is the actual size of the pot and if it fits in the hole of the control plate. You may need a drill and drill bit just to hone it out real quick and easy. Most likely not but it can happen.
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  3. MovinTarget


    Jan 30, 2018
    Maryland, USA
    Hmmm. Noll offers a pre loaded jazz control plate with a few different knob configs... found them on best bass gear.

    I have a Noll 4xm in my kit bass and its pretty good so i am not questioning quality, but is the control plate the same as a Jag?
  4. MovinTarget


    Jan 30, 2018
    Maryland, USA
    Crap, I think I found a thread that indicates that the Jag and Jazz control plates are, in fact, different.

    @descendent22: Which bridge are you looking at?
  5. nothing wrong with a Squier:

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  6. MovinTarget


    Jan 30, 2018
    Maryland, USA
    Nope i played em at couple different stores and liked them apart from finding the the corner of the P pup a little sharp on my thumb when i slap (not at the knuckle down near the palm).
  7. MovinTarget


    Jan 30, 2018
    Maryland, USA

    I posed the question to BBG...
    Hello Admin,

    Have a look at the form submission by customer "Guest" from the store "Best Bass Gear"

    We received the following data:
    Form Title Contact Us - Email

    How Can We Help You Today Product Selection
    Your Inquiry Hi! I am looking to upgrade the electronics in a Squire VM Jaguar (34", not the short scale). I see that Noll offers these pre-loaded Jazz control plates that look really similar but I have no way of knowing for sure yet (I don't have a store nearby with both in stock to measure). The Jag I'm getting is a 4 knob config with side jack (not the passive 3-knob w/ jack on control plate) so I think the Noll has a chance, I just don't want to blow ~$200 and not have it work. Thanks Kirt

    Their response:
    The Noll preamps are mounted to a standard Jazz control plate. It will fit perfectly.
    Noll TCM3 Jazz Bass 2-Pickup 4-Knob 3-Band Vol P/P A/P - Bal - Mid - Treb/Bass Stack Chrome - Best Bass Gear
    NOLL TCM2 Jazz Bass Vpp - Bl - T - B - Best Bass Gear

    I've looked at pictures and the plates *do* look the same... maybe Ill give it a try...

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