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  1. I own an Ibanez SR 800, and I am not pleased with the sound too much at all. I find to get the sound that I most prefer, I turn all the knobs to full, is this very normal to do? I just wonder if I am missing out on better sound? I occasionally experiment but always end up going back and now has now just become more of a habit if anything.
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    It's the Ibanez preamp that is the problem.

    I have to do the same thing with my SR506.

    I have heard that if you replace the preamp, it will greatly improve the tone of the bass. I was going to do this, but now that I've bought a Peavey Cirrus 6, I doubt that I'll play the Ibanez much anymore.
  3. ayiee, you bad boy !!

    To get the best sound, you use the EQ on your amp to get the sound you want, and use the EQ on your bass to do the finetuning.

    there's a whole theory behind all this, and i'll write an article about it soon, but generally it comes down to this : if you boost the bass in your bass' EQ, and then push it through your amp's EQ, boosting them once more, the sound will distort a little, which is hardly noticable, but it makes a lot of quality-loss.
    the amount of distortion varies per bass, cheap basses usually have more distortion.

    think about this : which part of your rig makes the air vibrate and thus making the actual sound, the bass or the amp ? ;)
  4. Thanx Allodox!

    that sounds like some very logical advice I will try that :) :) However my bass does distort a lot but by the sounds of it I can cut it down.
  5. me again :)

    although I have a few questions:

    If you adjust your amps EQ and get the sound you want then how do you "fine tune" your bass?


    how should your bass seetings be set as you adjust your amp EQ?
  6. I do it like this :

    I keep the Eq on the bass flat, and set the EQ on the amp so that it sounds " OK "
    then i use the EQ on the bass to make it sound even better, but if your bass is active, with boost/cut, don't overdo the lows.. and that goes double if you're using an overdrive-pedal.

    on my EDC i boost the lows like 10 / 15 %, the mids on 20 / 25 %, and then i use the sweepable mids to get the sound i like..