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SR500 1993(japan) vs btb06LTD 2006

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by gr3yh0und2, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. gr3yh0und2


    Oct 4, 2009
    hey guys,pls check thisout..
    i am planning to buy a bass..and heres that within the range of my budget..(290 to 300 usdollar)
    i cant decide within the two..
    need your help/advice..

    i play almost for a couple of years but not really that good in playing..
    i guess im in a "intermediate category"..

    i love playing different style/genre....
    i want a bass that i can rely on to on a gig.. and can suit to many different styles..

    i can decently play but i dont know really so much about branded/good bassess.. thats why i need yourhelp..
    i just play with my locally made bass before..
    and now.. i guess i can buy a decent bass that i will love of or use(atleast for a couple of years..hehe)

    sr500 1993 - i like this because its in good condition i guess (i havent checked out i just saw this only in pictures) and also it is made in japan so i guess this is good.. also SR's for their thin necks..

    cons: not sure with the condition because its in the 1993 model.. only relying to pictures.. i can say that it is good..
    and the seller told me it was really slightly used and in good condition..


    Outstanding tool with the firm sounding to the characteristic tools of the 90th on the obtainable price.
    Production: Japan is
    the year of the production: 1993
    deca-: linden is
    the heading:: the maple of 3 pieces
    cover plate on the heading: rose wood is
    the construction of the heading: tightened, all of access of neck of joint
    markers on the heading: point
    a quantity of the harmonies: 24
    [Menzura]: 34 "
    the choppings: Gotoh
    of the breeches: Gotoh
    the sound pickups: Ibanez LO- P LO- J
    of adjustment knob: 1VOL of 1BALANCER 2 TONE CONTROL

    btb06ltd (2006) - i saw this in a small music store.. and i dont know if this was used before (the saleslady told me it was brand new.. hehe.. but there are some kind of corrosion in the strings).. but i can see it is in good condition..
    im not really familiar with btb's specially this one.. some say btbs were good and some are not..

    cons: made in indonesia..(some people tell me made in indonesia are not good).. maybe its electronics wont hold that long
    and also not sure for the performance of BTB's(specially this one)
    also can i play different styles with this bass(jazz)?

    * 3pc BTB4 neck
    * Agathis body
    * Medium frets
    * B100 bridge (19mm string spacing)
    * DX-N4 neck pu
    * DX-B4 bridge pu
    * PHAT II eq
    * color : BK3 ("Dark Chaos" on Black)

    check this link(link)

    *also some questions.. in considering pickups which is better within the two?

    *hope you guys can help me.. whats the safest to pick?

    *kudos to bass players!!

    -alidah mituselah
    -hongkong bass player
  2. Do you really need to make two threads to ask the exact same question?

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