SR600 Volume issue

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  1. Lately on my Ibanez SR600 I have been having this wierd problem... the sound will fade almost out but just stay at a lower volume. Sometimes it starts out loud and fades, then sometimes it just is low from the get go. I have tried my passive thunderbird and the volume seems normal. I thought it may be the battery so I went and bought fresh one and stuck it in there, still the same problem... Im hoping this isnt a pre-amp issue.... if so.. does anyone know why the SR600 was discontinued.. and if so.. was this the reason? I really love this guitar, if there is any way I can save her I can sure use the advice. Thanks guys :)
  2. ex-tension


    Jun 11, 2009
    You can open the control cavity and check if there is a loose wire or something shorting, unusual, etc. Look around the volume and blend pots especially.
    Put some photos here if it's possible.