SRX 400 vs BTB 470

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  1. Wakizashis


    Jun 15, 2019
    Hello guys,

    first post here, so I hope I am in the right section. I have SRX 400 (MIK, active, one big humbucker, only volume and boost pots) which I have bought for about 200€ some years ago and I guess it is post 200x year. My friend is selling one of his basses and it is BTB 470 (MII Bartolinis MK2) for about 330€. I go to him to try that out anyways, but not sure if the swap (I would sell SRX if buying BTB) is worthy sound/feel wise. We have black metal band and I guess now you say it does not matter what I play on :D. But wanted to know your experience about those basses anyways - quality, sound, HW, weight and so on. Also at home, I like to play some rock as well, sometimes blues and other genres too, so BTB might be a bit better because two pups and lots of controls. I do not want to loose angry sound tho... On the other note I see that SRX 400 are sold for relatively big numbers than I have bought, even like 3x more... Thank you boys & girls.
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  2. The BTB series are completely different from SRX.
    I can say that if you like an angry sound, nothing will do that as well as an SRX.
    Even with the nice Barts, the BTB will still sound a little tame.

    The SRX will probably have lower weight.
    The BTB will be higher in quality, but the SRX is very nice, too.

    I think they both have an appropriate shape for metal depending on the color.

    If I was in your situation I would be looking at trading for a two pickup SRX. They are monsters.
  3. dax21


    Nov 26, 2011
    SRX has better pickups, keep it.
  4. Wakizashis


    Jun 15, 2019
    Hi guys,

    after short time and testing of both guitars I came to concluion of keeping up the BTB for the smoother sound stransition and acharacter of sound. Maybe just started to love slightly lower attack, I dunno. Or maybe the design also convinced me too due the band I play now. It is ligher too so nice as well. Funny story, I have lend the BTB to my friend so he might purchase it, but after giving it to him, I missed it a lot. So, after a month he decided it is not ideal for him, so I gladly took it back, downtuned it B, connected fuzz, switched it to 11 and mashed Electric Wizard whole the day with stony grin on my face. \m/ Thank you all for your input.