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  1. I assume this is the best place to put this, although it does have to do with live sound...

    My question to you guys is, should I bite the bullet and get a set of flats? (Damn, I need to stop typing so fast, I have to retype all the missed letters...) The reason is this: I got Dr Hibeams for christmas, and love the tone. Problem is, at practice thursday night, as usual I wasn't fitting in too well, and every note stood out way too much. So I did something I have read not to do: I turned down my mids on my amp. I usually set my amp at B=4, M=5, and T=6. I went all the way down to M=2. Even at church, my strings growl, but now my practice tone sits in the pocket like a well-fitted sock. I can't change my church tone, however, because we set up saturday night after the ymca closes (we hold our service in the tennis court), and I can't happen to drive in as we live about 45 minutes away. And sunday morning we get there just in time to plug in and pray. I just put an old E string on my bass that I had wrapped with thread, and it has this nice addictive thumpy tone now, even with my tone control wide open. Is this what flats sound like? Because I love the fresh clang that brand new not-even-settled-in stainless steel strings give, but the thumpiness of the thread-wrapped string is starting to grow on me. I have yet to hear it with the rest of the praise band, but I bet it'll fit in a lot better. Should I go ahead and try flats and fit in, even if just once a week, or do I satisfy my home playing, and go with stainless? Damn, I hate tough choices like these...
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    get some nickels...its the best of both worlds....warm to mix in and can get agressive when you slap...I personally dont like stainless..hard to sound right.
    I am trying out DR neon now...and they are stainless with a coating over them. they are almost too boomy down low....but still pretty bright slapping....I dont know how long it kepps that slap zing yet I just threw them on but its bright when slapped....yet warm when fingered.
  3. I used to use nickles, but there was just something about them that I found... Lacking. Idk, they just sounded indecisive, and I couldn't coax out as broad a range as I would like. Like, they don't have enough low end rumble, and not enough sizzle. I want something that can either do all of it, or just one part, not a halfway sorta-but-just-barely-enough. Thank you for the suggestion, I just am not really wanting to go back to them.
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    Maybe some flats on the brighter end of the spectrum would work for you. I personally am cool with nickels, but the bass with flats brings the goods.

    I would suggest Chromes or Fender flats
  5. Funny you mention chromes, I've been eyeballing those. Who knows, maybe I'll try flats and be converted from my steels, or maybe I'd just hate them. Problem is trying to find them under $40 with free shipping, though.
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    Check the TB classifieds for a lightly used set. Then if you dont like them you can resell them.

    Did not catch what bass you are using. I have had real good luck using fender 7250s on my jazz. Lots of low end both pups full, plenty of growl favoring the bridge pup
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    If you can't find Chromes for under $40 shipped, you must not have looked very hard.
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    Try keeping the HBs for awhile - they'll mellow out. Don't cut the mids, cut the bass a little and boost the low mids to cut through without being obnoxious. I go for a band mix tone always, bedroom tone means nothing........
  9. Well, at practice, though, I wasn't sounding right, and I cut my bass anyway. Plus, I've had these strings since christmas, and they seem to be pretty settled in. Then again, I haven't had to clean them as much since I've had to wear gloves to play this past month or so. It gets cold sunday mornings. I'll give the classifieds a look here in a moment, but until then I'll try my thread-wrapped string.

    Also, we run everything foh, so I don't have an amp to set. We do have to monitors, though, one for the singers, one for the guitarist and me. Our setup is one cajon, two female singers, one acoustic guitar, and my bass. So our midrange is pretty chock-full, and I find myself putting down my pick sometimes, because these strings growl so much. And the high end gets washed out in the overdrive on the guitar, and the guitar also booms a bit. Our pastor likes the mix, though, and he makes music, so I ain't opening that giant can of worms with him, but I do find myself fighting for space without jumping out. He is open to me changing what I do, though, as long as it's not too out there, catch my drift?
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  11. Really? Hmm, have take a look sometime. Anywho, gotta go finish my nut before bed... Yeah, I haven't finished it yet, between making my violin and school...

    $24 shipped... Better than the $35 for my Highbeams, or maybe spending >$70 to try some thomastik flats...
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    DR coated string info:
    "Nickel Plated Steel Round Core Strings from DR:

    Sunbeams - Round core NPS Wrapped Uncoated
    DR NEON - Round core NPS K3 Coated
    DR Black Beauty / Red Devils / Cool Blue / Silver Stars - Round Core NPS K3 Coated

    Dragon Skin are Round Core Stainless Steel"
  13. Is it your monitor mix that's bothering you or is it in the main mix?
    What kind of bass do you play? Some basses are bright sounding and stainless steel strings will make that even worse.

    I have a bright sounding bass I use light Circle K Strings (.090 E-string) Something about light strings on that bass just works well, it takes the edge off the highs but maintains clarity. If I want more of a thump sound I just palm mute.

    I have had similar problems, In my case it was more of a tension issue, tuning down a step sounded better so I got lighter strings.
  14. Well, here's today's verdict. The thread string sucked, so I tried a string that I ground down. Sounded so awesome and thumpy. I basically just sanded off the windings till they were smooth. I loved the way it just snuggled right into the mix.
    The monitors don't have enough volume to hear the full range, they just add some clarity. Most of what I hear is through the main speakers.
    The bass I'm using is an Ibanez Gio Soundgear gsr100mb with a split-p pickup. I modded the tone so it cuts more highs, since the stock value cap just wasn't cutting it (pun intended).

    Overall, I find the smooth feel of the flattend windings rather addictive, and the thumpy rumble is better than any palm muting I have ever done. Maybe I will fall in love with flats. I'll have to set aside some money and get some Chromes, then.

    Oh, and one more thing: is it true that flats are blister machines? I really love the rough texture that I get from digging into stainless steels, and slides aren't difficult, but I have read mixed results about flats. Some people say they're slick as hot butter, and some say they're liking sliding your figertips on a window. Which is rather painful, ime. What are your thoughts?