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Stack Power Handling

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Mosher, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Mosher


    May 18, 2005
    I'm looking to snag a full stack soon, and I've scrolled around these forums for advice, opinions, etc.

    I've picked up the impression that Avatars are unbelievable, especially for the price.

    So here's my question, and it's a fairly simple one: I'm looking at, for example, grabbing a B410 Kappa Pro and a B115H, also loaded with a Kappa, each wired for 8 ohms.

    These handling 2000 and 600 watts RMS respectively, when connected to a poweramp in parallel at 4ohms, would they handle a total of 2600 watts?

    I'm guessing yes, considering each of the 10's are rated for 500 and you simply add the four together to get the 2000 WRMS rating. I can't figure that adding another speaker would be any different.

    But heck, I'd hate to lay down the $$$ and be wrong.
  2. Not quite right, because when you add another cab, take the overall output at that impedance, lets say 300 watts, 150 watts will go to each cab, so the 1x15 would get 150 watts, and the 10's would get (150watts / 4) each

    Im sure thats how it works

    You dont look at the power handling capabilities of each speaker, it depends on each speakers impedance how much power it will draw
  3. Don't ever buy without trying, particularly if you're investing in a full stack.
    Putting things together makes a world of difference from trying them apart too.... I love the goliath III, and i love the son of bertha... i love 4x10s and 1x15s comboes... i hates the gIII an sob paired together...
  4. Mosher


    May 18, 2005
    I was afraid of the whole power-splitting-per-cab scenario. That was actually my original assupmtion.

    I just hoped I was wrong. ;)

    In that case, if I have a 2500 watt amp, how would I go about distributing the power?
  5. If you get two 8ohm cabs, the 410 will get half the power and the 115 will get the other half of the power, so if you put a 2600watt power amp on it the 115 will get 1300watts. Some people will tell you that if you run your gains conservatively you can run double the power handling of a cab or more to the cab with no problems.