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    May 2, 2015
    I have many questions so I'll do a few different posts.
    Let me go back and tell u what I was wanting to achieve and what I aquired and feel free to tell me what would u do.
    I was using the Ampeg PF500 ran into the PF2Z10HE Cab. I also bought an acoustic brand new 15" cab for 90 dollars. Not the neo one. The hemorrhoid one! I modified it by putting an Eminence Legend 15 speaker and let there be thunder. Best decision I've made lately.
    I like the vintage type sound SVT's etc. So I bought a Solidgoldfx Beta Bass OD and I love it. Then I was able to get a Catlinbread SFT pedal and I think I like it? I'm not gonna lie, it seems to be harder to dial in that bass n treble knob and the drive to get that sound I want.
    I did notice with the SFT + the Beta Bass paired it was killer. I used them both on most of the time with the SFT in front, and I am using the Beta for that slightly dirty sound along with using it basically as a bass boost. Anybody else doing this? I'd love to get your input on what yall use. Especially these 2 pedals.
    Now problem #2. I just ordered An SVT 3PRO. Iso there any purpose in keeping this SFT pedal. If not, any recommendations?
    Thanks Guys and Gals!
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    The SFT is a nice pedal but it needs a bit of knob twiddling to get the best out of it. It's also very sensitive to the bass being played, different people get different results. It's also good for that heavily compressed thumpy OD sound if you push the gain real hard, but that might not be the sound you are after. When stacking OD pedals, its a good idea to keep the 1st OD's grit quite light but push the volume a bit hard. That way, you control the over all grit via the last pedal's grit knob.
  3. I'd say "absolutely keep it". See how it pairs with the 3Pro, dial in a setting that works for you. If you like the SFT and Beta with your current amp, chances are you'll like it with the 3Pro and, IMO, it's always better to have extra options than to not have them when you need 'em.
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