Stainless light gauge stings

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  1. I'm thinking of tryiing a set of Fodera Matt Garrison Signature strings for my 6. They'd be a 28 40 60 80 100 120 guage set.

    I have three questions regarding (any brand) set of STAINLESS roundwounds:
    l. Will stainless cause more (signifigant) fret wear than nickels?
    2. Will a 120 low B be useless or can they sound deep and focused? Matt Garrison uses a 100 E string dropped with a detuner for a low B and it seems OK...
    3. Will using a 125 or 130 low B, with the rest of the set light gauge, warp a Fodera's neck?

    Thanks in advance. Please let me know what you know/think as I'd like to make a string order soon.
    Cheers, Jim T.;)
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    Aug 16, 2000
    1. Somewhat but it's debatable whether you consider it "significant."
    2. Not useless but certainly not as fat as a 130.
    3. Very unlikely.
  4. Boogiebass,
    Thanks for your response and concise answers. Does anyone else have any strong opinions about how a relatively thin low B, like a 120 sounds? Does it speak clearer pitchwise even though it's not fat or thick? Shorter decay time? Anyone out there who has a lot of performing experience with light sets? I've read past posts with 125s but never a 120... I'd love to just throw a set on and find out, but you know how the ol' $40 a crack thing sits with the other financial priorities of life...:rolleyes: Thanks again, Jim.

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    Jan 4, 2002
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    I've come to learn that light gauge strings work best for me on my 4 strings I use .087 .067 .047 .027 G-E. my six string set I add a .022 for my C,and a .100 for my B.on my 8 string I add a .017,and a .015 for my high F,and high Bb,on my Sub-Contra bass I use .194 .165 .115, .o98 standard E-low C#

    Even tho my B is 100 it still gives me the right amount of bottom
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    YIKES! a .194!!! that's a STRING....
    I also tend to like lights on my basses. I am using TI Jazz Rounds (great strings BTW) which on the four string are: .043;.051;.068;.089. On my five string fretless I add a .029 for the C (I have a hipshot on the E also). I find that these strings (TIs) in this gauge give more focus, clarity and dynamics...altho they are nickel wound....
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    oops...almost forgot: Ernie Ball makes a variety of SS strings in various gauges that are sold as can mix and match your own set to whatever you like (which could be lighter on the E or C and heavier on B....)
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    Nov 23, 2000
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    Jauqo, what brand strings are those?

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    their Dean Markley and on my ABG's and my EUB I use TI's