Stambaugh Custom 32" Zebrawood/Inlay/Lane Poors $1000 & shp

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  1. Offbase


    Mar 9, 2000
    1998 Chris Stambaugh double cutaway neck-thru 4-banger with zebrawood top and matching headstock, gold hardware, Lane Poor P/J's, Bartolini NTBT 2-band preamp, incredible dual abalone dolphin inlays. Looks, plays and sounds incredible. Asking price of $1,000 & shipping is far less than half the new cost, and outside of a few tiny dings and a replaced volume knob (correct knob on the way from Chris - nice guy!), this bass is minty. Comes with a nice SKB hardshell (has 2 stickers on it ... why people do this is beyond me). Email to for pics.