SOLD Stambaugh Fossil ODB "Silver Seductress"

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    Rhode Island
    Hey TBer's,

    As many of you may have noticed this little lady gets around. I thought I'd take it for a spin and I really like it a lot but I've found myself playing a lot more 4 string lately and already have a main 5. So back on the block she goes. This is a super fast playing bass with an insane assortment of sounds. I'll probably record some sound samples soon. I've found myself loving the sound of this bass with a pick. It does a Ric type sound that I'm really into. It's also totally passive so no battery to worry about. There are so many sounds in this bass and its a ton of fun to play. I play it at home all the time. It can do so many unique things. Part of why I got this bass is that I wanted to try a tonestyler and I've fallen in love.


    scale length- 33"
    number of frets- 24
    body wood- alder
    neck wood- maple/purpleheart
    fretboard- Gaboon ebony
    binding- white plastic
    fretboard inlay- pearl blocks
    pickups- 3 custom Aero AB5 singlecoils
    electronics- passive with Tonestyler
    bridge- Hipshot B style
    finish- gloss silver, oil finished neck
    9.4 lbs

    Here's Chris's build page for this bass:

    And here's a link to another time it was listed with more pics:

    Price is $1200 and I'm happy to hang on to this bass until it sells. No real trade interest at the moment but if you want to make an offer just make sure its 34".

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  2. CORBS


    Dec 28, 2010
    1200$ for a Stambaugh!? If only I had the cash.
  3. Jared Lash

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Denver, CO
    I was the original owner of this bass.

    I absolutely agree, it has a killer sound for aggressive pick playing. Very bright and articulate. I also loved doing a bad Entwistle impression with it.

    For guys that do more chording, melodic playing, soloing or upper register playing I really liked this bass strung E-C.

    As a side note, the neck woods are actually hard ash on the outside, walnut stringers and a core of maple.
  4. Oh yeah man, I bet this would kill as an E-C. I might have to do that if it stays with me. And I'll correct the neck woods in the description.
  5. And Sold!!