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  1. My band is definitly not punk, however at times i crave that punk tone for certain parts of some songs. I don't wanna eq my amp all wacky cuz obviously this is a secondary tone. I do have a sansamp, but i haven't sound anything to killer grindy yet. I'm playing a maple neck Lakland 55-01.

    Is there any certain effects that are a standard in punk besides a lot of mids and a fender bass?
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    The only thing I would say might be a standard is some kind of distortion pedal. Punk doesn't seem to be a a genre for heavy effects use, but a good distortion would be a perfect fit.
  3. Just get a decent OD to drive your tone a bit, play hard with a pick and boost treble. I wouldn't say there is a 'standard' bass effect for punk, in fact a driven tube amp/an overdrive pedal is the only realy 'effect' I can think of being useable.
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    If you're not playing with a pick, you definitely NEED to give that a try. Most of the famous punk bands defined their grind with a pick, from The Dead Kennedys to Rancid to The Offspring.

    Other than that, an overdrive pedal with a gritty edge may be useful to you (especially if your usual tone is rather clean), but it's not necessary.

    BTW, was there a particular band that you were thinking of when you thought of a "punk" tone?
  5. Yes, i definitly have tried the pick thing, it does help. I am a casual pick user/experimenter... (friday nite i sliced my middle right finger on a skate blade so pick kno-how was a plus for band practise the next day!)

    I'm not really thinking of any certain song/band in particular...just that tone that you hear kickin in every now and then in a lot of songs. i should find a clip or a song title i suppose...

    What about pickups? when trying for that sound i tend to solo the back pickup. Bad idea??
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    Hmm... not necessarily, but the P-bass is one of those definitive punk-bass instruments. You may be better off using the neck pickup, but then attacking the strings towards the bridge (although not too close). Don't limit yourself to that, however; I've seen punk bassists attack pretty close to the neck, too.

    Try the neck pickup and experiment with your attack position. Try a few different spots towards the bridge and towards the neck to find the one that works best for you. I'd also suggest going here:

    Look up a few punk bands, sit back for a while, and listen to the tones you hear. Nothing beats a fresh sonic reference to nail the tone you're looking for. :bassist:

    EDIT: One more idea... try a few different pick types and gauges as well. The pick really does make a difference! I personally use Dunlop Tortex .88mm (green) picks, although sometimes I'll pick up a 1.0mm (blue) one as well. The green ones have an especially pronounced attack that I like.
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    When I think of the quitessential "punk" bass sound, I think of JJ Burnall of The Stranglers. In other words: a Fender P played with a pick through a HiWatt tube amp turned up really, really loud. Check out the albums "No More Heroes" or "Black & White" for reference. Brilliant stuff.
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    OD and a pick?
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    That would be my suggestion as well.

    For more of an old school tone I think of a P w/ rounds or flats played with a pick through a tube amp.

    For a more modern punk tone (or at least the tone I liked) I think of a bridge heavy, more trebly tone played through a SS amp with a hint of overdrive. Check this page and click on the link for Pick Punk with bridge pickup and rounds to hear what I mean.
  10. I'd say seek out an OD that cuts your low end a bit. When I think of the punk tone I think of that trebly, snarly grind. And liek everyone else has said, use a pick. Any one passive bass should do though, to be honest.
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    +1. In fact, the reason I'd +1 overdrive that cuts low end is that IMO "punk" bass is usually a cheap bass with dead strings, played with a pick, through a crappy amp. Get some snarl on. But it's not necessarily an "effect" at all.
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    Best effect for punk music?

    A hot Ampeg V4 and a P bass.
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    magic frequency - 2khz
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    -DHA VT-1?
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    I myself used to play in a post punk band (think rise against meets senses fail). I have a p bass with ernie ball hybrid slinkys, use 1.00 to .50 mm picks, the heaver the gauge the heaver the sound is going to be. I would pick close to the bridge (maybe 4 inches to the left of the bridge). Cut some lowmids on your amp, boost your treble to taste. I normally just kept everthing else flat, but that might just be me. Use a nice dirt pedal, maybe even a fuzz. Play fast and you got the tone lol.
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    In the 6 or 7 punk bands I've played in, I've found that "punk rock tone" is all a matter of perspective. I've used everything from simple amp overdrive to extremely heavy distortion, and sometimes just an EQ pedal set up with the mids and highs turned down a little bit. I'd suggest trying all of them to figure out which one you think sounds best for what you're trying to do.
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    Last pedal on the left

  18. haha sweet...there it is!
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    Man, I thought I needed a Big Ben for reggae....
  20. I personally like pop-punk like Greenday and B-182, but I also listen to The Casualties and a few other punk bands (Flogging Molly also).

    What I hear is treble and Mid range (on the hi-mid side) paired with a plopy/snap picking.
    So with this I would say get a pedal with some funk in it, possibly a blues pedal, a morley power wah (If you feel adventurous), and a OD pedal that will give you an EQ boost and some gain. Pair this with a pick and some possible slaping and you got it.