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standard fender jazz bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by nobertos, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. nobertos


    Nov 23, 2003
    hi, i am thinking of getting a standard fender jazz bass. everyone says the pickups are not very good - fairly buzzy sounding. if i got one, what would be a good pickup upgrade, and about how much would it cost? i play hard rock (soundgarden style) mostly but want to have a versatile sound.

    a friend is letting me borrow his mexican made jazz bass and the pickups do sound fairly buzzy. but his is a handful of years old. i hear that the pickups have changed recenly, though? is that right?

    so i am also wondering if it is just worth it to get the highway 1 american model or whatever it is called which is a bit more expensive but also comes with a gig bag. then hopefully i wouldn't have to do any upgrades, etc.

  2. One of the members here did a great review of replacement pickups.

    Smash's Review:

    And Bass Player online review:

    I've never played a highway 1, but I prefer my MIA over the MIM Jazz. For more info use the search function here and check out the pickups catagory.
  3. They are single coil, what do you expect, clean quiet pups on a Jazz. :rolleyes:

    Fender® Vintage "Noiseless" Jazz Bass
    To my knowledge, the current versions are dual coil whereas the previous versions were stacks (or vice versa).

    DiMarzio Model J™ (DP123)
    Each Model J™ is individually humbucking. It's not a stack: each coil picks up one pair of strings. By doing it this way, we keep the resistance down, and the tone clean and clear.

    DiMarzio Ultra Jazz™ (DP149)
    As with the Model J™, hum canceling is achieved with each coil sensing a pair of strings, rather than a stacked design.

    Seymour Duncan Classic Stack® for Jazz Bass®
    You'll get the same great tone, presence and response of vintage Jazz Bass® pickups while eliminating the hum inherent in single coil models.

    Seymour Duncan Hot Stack® for Jazz Bass®
    A stack pickup with lots of output. Twenty percent more coil winding for punchy bass work without the single coil noise.

    Bartolini "Classic Bass" (9CBJD)
    Jazz Bass shape neck (short) and bridge (long) pickups have dual in-line hum cancelling coils.

    AERO Instrument (E4JD)
    Four String Soapbar with J Bass style bobbins in dual coil designs.

    Bill Lawrence J-45 AirGap Noisefree
    The J-45 is a stack design.

    Pick one!

    Changed in what way?

    Highway 1 american model, is a good bass too, just depends on what you want to spend!

  4. Who cares about a little noise when you're playing hard rock, anyway?

    I think a MIM Jazz would be a good choice for Nobertos. Maybe Nobertos should try it and give it a chance before changing pickups. He should also check-out the Pickups forum.

    Fender did upgrade the MIM Jazz pickups (or reverse them, or something) this last year or so, the same time that they upgraded the knobs on the MIM J and P.

    So maybe the buzz about the buzzy MIM J pickups is bad buzz.
  5. The buzz really isn't so bad, especially if you are in a rock situation. When you play along with drums, and distorted guitar, and bears (oh my) you won't even notice the buzz.

    But of course treena had some good suggetions for pick up replacement if you'd like. But you should ask yourself why you are considering a bass that you already are planning on upgrading? It MAY end up being cheaper (I stress MAY) and easier to find a bass that you are content with and buy it.
  6. Just like the original post that was my plan. Get MIM Standard Jazz and put in a couple of quarter pounders or something like that. But you know once I got the bass and everyoing said it was so much better than the Aria I'd had I still haven't got round to doing anyything about in in the last 6 months. Now the PUs are a bit niosy if you get them near the amp, neon light whatever - SO DON'T GET IT NEAR THEM! I can't believe that a new pick up if single coil wouldn't make some sound anyway. I'd rather spend the money on another budget bass like an Ibanez ATK. Just don't understand these guys who buy expensive basses - do they have minders to guard their equipment on stage or just never head off to the bar at the break?

    Stick with a Standard and if you want a MIA, get a s/h one.
  7. Velkov


    Jan 17, 2001
    Lansdowne, Ontario
    Also keep in mind that as of 2001, the MIM jazz comes shielded (less buzz) and the pickups are out of phase. Which means that if you have both pickups on full they cancel each other's hum. This was not the case with the older models. They also changed the knob style to the normal jazz bass knobs, instead of the black strat knobs they were using before. So, go and play a new MIM jazz at the store to get an idea of what the pickups sound like and how noisy it is.
  8. Well that's interesting Vel, I didn't know all that. I did notice that the wood has changed to alder and the new pick-ups are different to last year. And mine came in a sunburst that somewhere between tobbacco and standard s/b. So they are changing these guiatrs all the time. Get out and try one becuase don't forget that the old 60's ones were often builta lot worse than these.
  9. Since when? Can you please elaborate?

  10. I think what he meant was that, there was probably some lemons from the 60's that were slightly worse than some on the good new MIM's
  11. I have a MIM jazz V and the hum is minimal in a rock situation as was mentioned earlier. if anyone has any questions about the MIM Jazz please feel free to pm me.

    rockin' on the ROCK
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