Stargazer bridge trouble

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  1. I have a Schecter Stargazer with the stock bridge, a Schecter Custom String Thru. Right now, the saddles for the G, D, and A strings are propped up on little pegs at the front above the bridge itself, but the E saddle is flat against the bridge. I think the action is better on the E string, so how do I lower the other saddles so that they'll be flat against the bridge as well? I tried looking, but I can't find any posts on this specific problem.
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    It's not a problem, it needs a basic set-up and, from the sound of things, I'm of the impression you've not done many. You will need a set of hex keys to adjust the individual bridge saddle heights. Arbitrarily setting each saddle so it's "on the deck" is probably not a good idea. I strongly suggest you review the set-up stickies listed at the top of the sub-forum page.

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