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start again or do you have a remody? or a melody?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by mike_odonovan, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. here's the story so far...

    refinishing a neck and the clear varnish went pretty well.

    now doing a painted headstock. i didn't think to fill the grain as it wasnt a problem with the clear varnish on the back of the neck. but the headstock has a veneer of ash on it so you guessed it - grain is now showing thru the 4 coats of car paint primer i have just sprayed on.


    what do i do now?
    strip the primer off and start again?
    or can i fill the grain with something over the primer?
    hope you guys have a solution that is the latter.
    in the cupboard i have wood filler and car body filler.
    these any good?
    your thoughts and clever ideas much appreciated.
  2. Sand back the primer and get some of the green or green/blue automotive glazing putty. This is used to fill pin holes before final sanding. Using a thin, stiff spreader (your Discover card works good) scrape the glazing into the pores. Let dry - it will only take a few minutes. Wet sand it lightly to smooth it, then respray your primer. If that doesn't totally take care of it, repeat the process. That should do it.

    Shy of that, you can remove the primer and use thickened shellac as a grain filler for ash. If that doesn't work for you, coat the ash with shellac and then start sanding. The ensuing "mud" you will make will fill the pores. Let it dry then sand smooth and reprime.
  3. I am going to try the first method you advised. Are you saying I should sand off the primer completely or just back a couple of coats?

    Thanks so much for your help

    Oh, and whats a discovery card? A store card, credit card type of thing?
  4. Ooops - didn't see you were over the pond there...yeah it's a credit card.

    Yes, don't take all the primer off and when you are done, wipe the surface down with naptha or denatured alcohol before doing the glaze. The hard squeegee should really push the glaze down into the small holes.
  5. thanks hambone!
    i'll give you an update when i get it done over the weekend.
  6. actually wondering if i can get away without using the naptha stuff as i couldn't find it today. could i just rub it down with white spirit/thinners?
  7. Oh, I betcha can! :)

    Simple lighter fluid is naptha. They won't tell you that but it is. The reason I suggest naptha is that it evaporates extremely quickly and it doesn't upset most oil based paints after they've set up. It WILL however, remove oils and dirt extremely well. You might also find it listed as VM&P Naptha. The VM&P stands for "Varnish Makers & Painters".

    I'm not sure what the "white spirits" is you speak of - mineral spirits maybe? My beef with that is that it's a little oily. I would use an alcohol based product before I used that just because it wouldn't leave any residue. I'm not 100% sure that mineral spirits would do that but just to be sure.

    If you've got a well stocked liquor store in town, a nice bottle of grain neutral spirits would do great. And the after painting party wouldn't suffer too much either! :eek: :D