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  1. Hey guys, i want to start playing bass, i always wanted to learn bass and i've been saving up for some time now, sometimes i play on my friends bass and i have so much fun when i do:)

    I made a wishlist of the gear i want to buy and i would like for you to give me your opinion?

    I want to play rock and metal.

    Here's and example of the music i would like to learn how to play: (Metal/deathcore?)

    Here's the wishlist!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Only took a quick glance, but if you can afford those, they seem like decent choices.
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    That's a good list. Leave out the fret wrap. It'll be a crutch of you're just starting out.
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  4. Thanks Guys!
    Yeah i've been saving up so i didn't have to buy something that wouldn't last
    Is the amp any good?
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    Apr 27, 2011
    You can hold off on strings for a bit, play the strings that are on the base to learn. I use d'Addario strings and like them, much cheaper.
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  6. Sounds good! But what if I want to play down tuning?
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    How far down would you be planning on tuning? A half or even full step, not a big deal, but if you want to go lower, yeah, you'll need different strings and probably a nut and setup adjustment.
  9. A minha lista de pedidos de 04.04.2018 – Thomann Portugal
    This is what I'll probably get, I switched to a bag and I already have a stand, cable and strap, that I can use so I don't need to get those :)

    As for the tuning, I don't really know yet? I want to play stuff like in the video and some lighter stuff too :\
  10. Can i do the nut and setup adjustment myself? The music store nearby closed months ago, and I don't know any that do nut and setup adjustments :l
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    That stuff is 400 times better than the first gear I ever owned myself....30+ years ago and I'm still playing. You should be good to go.

    Welcome to TalkBass!
  12. Thank you so much! I decided to get less stuff and a better amp, also switched from a 34" scale to a 35", less stuff, and less money I have to spend!

    And I'll be sure to enjoy my stay, I hope it is as long as yours!
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    For the setup, learn to do it yourself, read up here: ALL BASIC SETUP QUESTIONS ANSWERED HERE

    Filing the nut slots wider to fit larger gauge strings isn't that hard, either, there's got to be a thread on here describing how, but basically just use a small round file, make the slots wider, but not deeper.
  14. Ok, sounds good to me :)

    Some of the songs i want to play are in Drop A and Drop D
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    Disclaimer: I have not read all the responses so my apologies if I’m echoing other posts...
    IMO/IME that’s putting the cart in front of the horse. Learning the tool without attachments is kind of a fundamental process.
    One thing I didn’t see on your list are formal lessons with a Bass Teacher (not a guitar teacher). Just a few is very helpful for critical correction of technique and will benefit your economy of movement. Thus, playing longer and faster or slower and in time.
    On music choice that you are interested in learning, I strongly suggest that you go after the sound and style you are after. BUT, be open to experimenting with listening to all genres of music. By doing this you will open your creative juices in your ears, your mind and the rhythms you feel. This will all transfer to your hands and internal metronome. Have an open mind and don’t be to quick to be critical. Different is good not, wrong.
    Bottom line, enjoy the craft and be patient. Most of the people we watch and aspire to be like have been doing this for a decade or better. The music is in the person and the bass is the tool to make it heard.
    If you think this is a bunch of bunk, I’m good with that. Take it for what it’s worth.
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