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    Aug 18, 2018
    Hi you may remember be from such posts as, I'm a guitar player but I know the Jacco only needed 4 strings. But ironically I come to you with a real post that may be fun.

    I was asked by a friend of mine to play bass in a band of his. So I need advice. I am going to be buying a Fender Rumble 500 head from my friend, who is the bass player in the band I play guitar in. But I was thinking I'm either going to go for a P Bass or a J Bass. I might look in to something like a Mustang Bass I want something that is nice to go to from a guitar. Not sure on the Cab, probably something cheap and used from local stores I will be trolling. Also how necessary is it to have a compressor. I all ready have a decent pedal board from my guitar playing. Any way thanks my dudes!
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    Sep 20, 2011
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    if the rumble 500 works perfectly, it's a good head, but it can only sound as good as your cab, so even if you go cheap, make sure the cab is capable of sounding good to you.

    i love my mustang. if you're looking for something that sounds great, looks like a smaller P bass and has a 30" instead of a 34" scale, i highly recommend it. if you want to go even shorter scale, the ibanez mikro bass has a 28.6" scale.

    i have played bass since 1994 without a compressor.
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