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  1. willis


    Aug 27, 2003
    tampa, fl
    hello everyone ... i am just starting out w/ my first bass and have a question on were to begin?? i have seen all kinds of mail order CD ROMs and "over the internet" lessons, should i start with one of these packages to learn the basics and then go to an instructer? or would a book or video/dvd be a better basics teacher? remember i have zero experience on a string instrument, and totaly plan on getting an instructer, just dont know if i should start going to him/her with no idea of what i am doing :confused:
  2. Frankly you're probably better off starting off with an instructor. But if you're determined to try it out on your own then I'd suggest hitting This site has a large number of lessons, a lot of different routines, many tabs and it hosts a nice little applet that can play (sound out) a tab or lesson so you can hear how it sounds.

    You're still probably better off with a teacher though. I've been playing for a few months now on my own. I've basically been working on left and right hand dexterity, learning the scales and some of the various techniques (slap, pop, percussive slap, double string slap, false harmonics, 4-finger right hand plucking and chords). But I'm starting in with a new teacher this saturday and I'm thinking I should have taken other people's advice and started with a teacher in the first place.

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    As you have zero experience, start with a teacher. You will save yourself so much time and difficulty because many instruction formats, Internet, books, CDs, etc., can be confusing and unclear if you know little or nothing about bass guitar or music.

    In a hour or two a teacher can show you and demonstrate for you how to do vital techniques such as fretting, plucking, tuning your bass, changing strings and even making a simple bassline.

    Also, a teacher can watch you and listen to you as you play and help correct technique you haven't understood. A teacher can give you encouragement, advice and feedback. No book or CD ROM will give you feedback. Nor will books or CD ROMS correct your technique.

    Teachers can tailor your learning program for you, too. Oh, most important, teachers can answer your specific questions and guide you in your specific development. Books can't do that.

    Once you learn the basics, you may study on your own for awhile, but it is often helpful to have a class every once in awhile to answer new questions, correct technique and help you plan a new course of independent study.

    Good luck in your new adventure with bass guitar. I hope it will prove to be a satisfying and rewarding endeavor for you.

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