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Statesbro Blues: Lyrics

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Rockin John, May 22, 2005.

  1. Am looking to find the lyrics for this classic.

    It's been done by the Allman Brothers - amogst others, no doubt - but I can't figure all the words by listening to their version.

    Neither can I find it on the internet lyrics sites, unless I've not looked hard enough of course.

    BTW, who was the original artist, does anyone know?


  2. Blind Willie McTell wrote it and recorded it back in the 1930s or thereabouts. The Allman Brothers put it on the map in their live album from Fillmore East in the early 1970s. Taj Mahal does a great version of it - not as rock-oriented as the Allmans, but more in keeping with its roots. Sorry I don't have the lyrics on the tip of my tongue - Taj's version is pretty easy to understand -

    Good Luck -

    - Wil

    PS: I've just found the original Blind Willie McTell lyrics in the Woody Mann "Blues Fake Book" - I'm just about to head out to a gig - if you can't get them anywhere else, I'll post them here or send them to you later (and most probably get sued for infringement of © :meh: )
  3. Thanks Wil

    Taj Mahal. Yes. That takes me back. It was Taj who I thought was the original artist. I remember listening to that song on an LP when I was a teenager some many moons ago :eek: You know, no such thing as HI Fi then! We listened on a record player. Phew............time flies.

    Thanks again. off to try to get the lyrics again.

    Tanke care. :D

  4. OK, got it.

    Tried forever to find it previously, now a first time hit. It's on


    Just enter the title, artist, etc in the search field. Works a treat.


  5. Try to find McTell's version on the web or in a store. He played a 12 string guitar and was an excellent instrumentalist. HIs version is very driving. Another song of his that I learned years ago I don't remember the title of but the initial lines are:

    "I feel like a broke down engine, baby,
    My mind ain't got no driving wheel."
  6. Thanks. I'll try to get a copy.


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