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Static-X/Soulfly/Soil - Your thoughts...

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by FearOfGodX, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. FearOfGodX


    Nov 8, 2001
    I just saw them last night. Static-X is awesome, and Soil left me pleasantly suprised. But Soulfly, my god, that has to be the most god awful band I have ever heard, their only redeeming feature was their percussion, atleast I think, I am a bassist what do I know about drums? The bassist from Static-X had some really solid groove going on, but still has that metal vibe going on, I really dug him. Whatta you dudes think?
  2. Spiketopia


    Sep 13, 2001
    Boise Idaho
    I've seen Static-x live a few times and they always rock. Tony their bass player is great.
    Soulfly Ive only seen once but the they were pretty good, so maybe they just had an off day:confused: :D MAYBE???
  3. The guys from Static-X went to Jamaca high school in Illinois which is about 20 miles from where I live. My cousin knows them pretty good and I talked to the drummer on one occasion. He is a really nice guy. I don't really care for their music that much and I can say the same for Soulfly. If I was that mad about everything I would prolly just kill myself and get it over with. :)
  4. i think you couldnt be more wrong by Soulfly dude...what the hell? awful...Soulfly...buh? i dont think so mate. Soulfly are amazing and beat the crap out of all the disposable newbie nu-metal bands. Soulfly are the spawn of Max Cavalera for christ sake. MAX CAVALERA!!! former front man of Sepultura?? ring any bells silly boy? egads...how can you NOT like Soulfly??? oh well...your p.o.v dude, im just messin wit ya. still, id kill to see a bill like Soulfly/Static-X/Soil ...id give my left arm...ive give my bass...id give my mother! those bands dont come to my neck of the woods often (England). Therefore ive never seen Static-X still :(

    shame...i love Static-X...great band. I did however go to see Slipknot in Manchester last Friday. twas a great show. American Head Charge/In Flames/One Minute Silence/Slipknot!!! now thats what i call a bill! In Flames i was priviledged to see as this was their first time playing in the UK. In Flames = Swedish Black Metal at its best!!

    American Head Charge were insane to say the least...they call their samplers "audio meat grinders" for some reason...hmm, i think ill make that my new catch phrase, lol. those guys are insane live. One Minute Silence are true craftsmen of the PIT...those guys can control it which is commendable, and amazing band live. great bass too...Glen from OMS is an amazing bassist.

    Slipknot themselves...you either love em or hate em...myself...i love em. ill say one thing for em...they put on one hell of a show!!!
  5. alCa39


    Feb 22, 2002
    i am currently missing teh ****ing tour show...it sucks my friend with the ride decided it was better to snowboard...what a fag i really wanted to go oh well

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