SOLD Status Graphite Empathy 6 String

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  1. NeilGB

    NeilGB Supporting Member

    Apr 28, 2012
    SF Bay Area - East Bay
    Status Empathy 6 string bass. The playability and tone of this bass are as good as the very best. Fast slim Graphite neck has no dead spots and is completely stable.

    I bought the bass from Wayne Jones. Wayne shipped it to me from Australia to California in its custom flight case. During the trip it was delayed in Alaska for a few days. When it arrived it was still in tune!

    The tone of this bass is exceptional. Here is a video of Wayne playing 'Run for Cover' on this bass. This is a very good representation of the tone of this bass whether into an amp or straight into a recording preamp.

    According to Wayne, this was his main fretted instrument for many years and it has some marks and dings to reflect this. These show up in the pictures. There is nothing very serious.

    The frets do not show any wear.

    It will ship in its custom flight case, which has clearly traveled a lot and is still robust and intact.

    I am selling because I do not play 6 string and don't have time to dedicate to learning (which isn't what I promised myself when I bought it!).

    Asking $1900 plus shipping. PayPal OK.

    20180406-DSCF1889.jpg 20180406-DSCF1890.jpg 20180406-DSCF1892.jpg 20180406-DSCF1893.jpg 20180406-DSCF1894.jpg 20180406-DSCF1896.jpg 20180406-DSCF1898.jpg 20180406-DSCF1899.jpg 20180406-DSCF1900.jpg 20180406-DSCF1901.jpg
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  2. Bassman8416

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    Oct 18, 2004
    Long Island,New York
    Is this a 34" scale?
    Do you have the spacing at the bridge?
    Thank you
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  3. NeilGB

    NeilGB Supporting Member

    Apr 28, 2012
    SF Bay Area - East Bay
    Yes, 34" scale. 18mm at the bridge.

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