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    Aug 14, 2012
    This one’s going to hurt but I have to sell it. My wife and I are expecting our second baby so I got to make room and a little extra money. I’ve owned this bass since March and I gotta say it has been one of my favorite basses that I’ve ever played. Has an amazing parametric EQ system which virtually brings out any tone you need it to. Great for any style of music. Although it has a 32 scale neck it has a lot of low end. You can bring out tones for dubstep music if you like. It has a very light wear but almost unnoticeable. No major blemishes just one small ding on the top of the neck but you can barely notice it. It is strung up with a very light gauge set of strings. 30. 50. 70. 90. I upgraded the strap buttons with Jim Dunlap’s strap locks. Hard case and 5 sets of new strings are included.

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    Oh good Lord...

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