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    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    I recently came upon two Status 4-strings in a local shop that was trying to "unload" them for a guy who's shop apparently went out of business some time ago. I was wondering if anyone knew what basses they were and if the asking price was fair bay the descriptions I'll provide:

    Bass #1: Red gloss finish, "headed", rounded body (not the angular body of older Status'), countoured top, 9-volt electronics w/ 4 knobs (treble, bass, volume, blend) and a bright switch. This was a neck through. The neck did not take as much space in the body as some older neck throughs that I'd seen in some pictures. Also, this bass had chrome hardware and chrome pickups. The neck had a slight red tint. Asking $2,500 US.

    Bass #2: Same basic shape, "headed", bolt-on or set-in neck (which did NOT extend all the way to the neck pickup the way they do on the Status website), 18-volt electronics, same knob configuration as above. This bass had a natural finish, with what appeared to be a walnut top on an ash body. Asking $2,500 US.

    I tried e-mailing Rob Green at Status, but I've heard he's out with his newborn. (Congrats to Rob, if you're reading this!)

    I also checked with the Status club on yahoo, but to no avail. Any info would be appreciated!