For Sale/Trade STATUS S2 Headless 5 "Collector"

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by Raziellion, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Raziellion


    May 24, 2020
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    Superb and rare Status S2 n°41 from the 80's, in very good condition for its age.
    The praise for this bass is well established, the legendary Status sound!
    It is a real collector's item with some marks on the gloss.
    Weight: 4.35 kg


    - Carbon graphite/composite through-neck
    - Phenolic fingerboard, 24 fret
    - Scale length 34-inch scale
    - Total nut width 48mm (string spacing at nut 10mm)
    - String spacing at bridge 15mm
    - Walnut top, mahogany core
    - 2 x Status Hyperactive pickups
    - 3-band active EQ
    - Controls: Volume, Pick-Up Balance, Treble cut/boost, Bass cut/boost, active/passive switch
    - 2 x 9V battery in quick-release compartment to rear
    - Hard case
    - New Rotosound 66 Swing Bass 40 - 125 strings

    Open to exchanges, I will study all proposals.


    IMG_20200923_172327 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_172411 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_172135 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_171403 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_171508 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_171606 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_171721 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_171627 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_172033 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_171910 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_171651 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_171930 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_172905 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_173257 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_171817 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_171803 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_172738 (Copier).jpg IMG_20200923_172012 (Copier).jpg
  2. stevie ray mays

    stevie ray mays

    May 4, 2020
    Is this still available?
    Please respond
    Stevie Ray Mays
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