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Status stingray with too much bite?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by RealBK, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. RealBK


    Feb 8, 2002
    Any ideas what would be this best pickup/eq circuit for my stingray 4 bass with status neck? Sounding a tad on the bright side and slightly harsh. Any feedback on bartolini or basslines and which one would offer me a more of a controlled rounded sound that was not so harsh.

  2. JohnnyRook


    Jul 1, 2005

    I had the same problem with my Stingrays' original neck. Way too harsh and metallic sounding for a frettless.
    I'm not sure wether just changing the PU or electonics will solve this issue, I doubt it.
    As for my instrument I had replaced the neck with a Moses graphite (again frettless). It really looks like the neck is the source of the problem. As a result it now sounds very warm, singing and with endless sustain. Even the guys at the workshop were surprised.
    Unfortunately, I have no experience with the Status necks but since you seem to be into graphite anyway you might give Moses a try.

  3. OBBM


    Jan 26, 2005
    Surrey, UK
    I run an SR5 with a Status neck. I fitted a Nordstrand MM5.3. It's currently running in parallel coil mode as I haven't sorted out the coil switching yet. Being Alnico magnets the Nordstrand has that older Ray sound to it. It seems to complement the Graphite neck rather well and gives a nice growly sound. Oh and the pre-amp is an OBP3, at the moment.
  4. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    Sinny, Oztraya
    If it were me, before I did anything else, I'd make a passive style tone control and add it in a small box before the amp input. I have all the parts to hand and can make it myself so it's a no cost option. If that didn't provide a satisfactory solution, I'd then look at other options such as new pickups or pre's.