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Std Jazz

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by heath_the_great, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. Dear Father i haved sinned, i have had evil thoghts of purchasing a MIM Fender Jazz and modifying it to all hell :D , My idea was to add extra pickups, either:
    -2 Single Coils, One Between the two std pup's and one almost on the neck with enough room for popping left..
    - a soapbar/humbucker between the 2 std pup's
    - or a Split coil like a stu hamm
    and making 1 or both the volume controls stacked pots for the extra volume, then removing the finish and then refinish it in a walnut stain (they do it on the squiers why not the mexican fenders :bawl: ) with a mirror pick guard, then changing the bridge to a carvin/hipshot bridge or a bad ass 2.....but what id absolutely love to do is put a moses headless bridge and headless neck on it....

    annyone else sinned simulary?..if you've found pics or have heavily modified a jazz please post em
  2. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    Sinny, Oztraya
    Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper simply to buy a Warmoth body and neck set up the way you want them? A Fender Jazz is about $A900, and according to what you're saying your plans for it are, you're going to throw away about 50% of it, so why not buy just what you need/want in the first place?

    <b>but what id absolutely love to do is put a moses headless bridge and headless neck on it</b>

    Now, <i>that</i> suits my interest. If you do try this, use the Status bridge, and get Moses to fit the headpiece before it ships. If this is your plan, I would <i>definitely</i> get a body blank from Warmoth, and have a local luthier do the cutting of the neck pocket etc, of have the local guy do it from scratch.

    By any chance, have you seen this site?. Maybe you should get Bill to build the body for you as he has the experience.
  3. i was thinking about that a while ago...but shipping from america to australia is murder..a simple 2x10 cab costs $350us to ship here, but i might have another look into it...just that theres so much i would fall for at warmoth......if it was going to be warmoth, id probably go:
    Rear Routed Walnut Body
    Stu Hamm Pickup Routing
    Either go the Headledd Moses Setup or A kahler trem
    Warmoth Style Headstock
    Walnut Neck with Wenge Fingerboard With White Binding
    Most Likely Seymore Duncans
    schaller Light tuners
  4. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    Sinny, Oztraya
    I just got a heavy maple geetar body posted airmail from LA and it cost $US44 and took about a week. I also have a friend having a Steinberger posted here and it's $US100 for insured air. When I lived in the bush, I imported a heap of stuff, all of it via air/surface mail as it was often <i>much</i> cheaper than buying it in Sydney/BrisVegas/MexicoCity and having it shipped via road.
    Also look at the Warmoth site for International shipping info, as they have specific example to Australia, and IMO, it's not that bad.
    My suggestion (if you decide to do it) would be to have the parts posted, insured rather than using a courier if the items meet the size limitations. A full size bass in a hardcase is too big to post, for example, but individual parts would be fine. I've found USPS to be extremely reliable and fast for airmail to Oz, you save customs entry fees at this end, even though AustPost will still usually slug you for GST on anything above $A250, but somethimes a higher value item slips through free. The online USPS calculator is very accurate too.
  5. ok....well ive decided after drooling at the warmoth site for over an hour to order a body and neck from there and buy everything else from here, or ebay :p
    found my neck :D , warmoth style 2+2 Flame Maple With Pau Ferro
    and either one of these body's, Dinky J probably, Figured Walnut on Walnut or Zebrawood on Alder
    More than likely have a hipshot tremolo, How stable are they?
    and ill either have the Stu Hamm urge Pickup Setup or have a Humbucker inbetween the two J's......