Std. vs Fat vs 2x Fat Strat?

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  1. Well I think I have tired of my Squier Fat Strat guitar. Now I want to sell it and buy another one. I'm probably going to stay in the Squier Std. series unless I get much more $ where I'll go to Fender. These are the 3 options I'm considering: get a Standard 3 single coil Strat. (Then I'll have to decide maple v. rosewood...maple is brighter, correct?) Then there is the Fat strat I have now...the humbucker seems out of place with its sound. And there is always the 2x Fat strat with 2 humbuckers, maybe they sound better in pairs? What would you all go for?
  2. ESP-LTD


    Sep 9, 2001
    Since this is an area for discussing issues relating to Bass Guitars and not Strats, I rather doubt anyone will have much of an opinion.

    You might look for a guitar forum.
  3. I havent found any decent guitar forums. There are enough guitar playing folk here where I might get a few replies. And I do know that this is a bass site...most of my posts are about them.
  4. Freakapotamus9


    Jun 20, 2001
    well ....

    i dont play guitar ..... but ... my dad just bought a MIM fender strat ... and ive dinked around on that .. and it felt much better than any squier ive ever played. my guitarist ( one of ) just bought a fender MIA double fat ... and he seems to think that its the best strat there is ... his opinion of course ...

    if i were you .... id get a MIM fender standard strat. its higher quality then squier, and still affordable. sound pretty good from what i understand. cant go wrong with a fender. unless of course you dont like them .......
  5. If I were just go ahead and save for a MIM 2x fat strat.

    Or just get 3 single coils and eventually upgrade the bridge pup to a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail, the most rockin single-coiled pickup on the market IMO. I'm about to put one on my Telecaster.

    I love the humbucker sound, I don't like using single coils much.

    All IMO of course, and good luck! :)