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  1. Don't know about you folks, but the last 4 sentences of this eBay description has burned itself into my brain:


    Up for auction is a brand spankin' new STEINBERGER XT - 2 bass guitar. This is first quality not a factory second. The plastic is still on the electronics cavity cover and the warranty card is still in the box. The XT is perhaps the world's most "travel-friendly" and convenient bass guitar ever made. It comes complete with a heavy-duty gigbag and, being only 38.5" in length, fits in places where other basses can't! It features the same distinctive body-shape as the award-winning Steinberger XL Series and features quality components such as the trademark headless neck with the patented Double-Ball™ tuning system. It has the patented Steinberger fixed bass bridge with direct-pull, 40:1 ratio machine heads, two (HB – HB) EMG Select™ bass pickups and folding leg rest for playing comfort while sitting. Also features a 3-pcs Hard Maple Neck and Thru-Neck Solid Wood Construction. This bass is just waiting for your sludgy doom-filled riffs. How much more blacker could it be? None more black. The answer is none more black.
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    I have seen the "none more blacker" description before (without the sludgy and doom.) BTW- the ebay auction has a "buy now" price of 339.00 and shipping is 20.00. has the same bass for 299.00 with free shipping in the U.S.