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Stereo mod and Custom Pedal for it.

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Ferniff, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. A question I have, I'll copy/paste what I posted on Reddit.

    I have a Guild Starfire bass modded with 4 pickups (split up in pairs). I'm looking to mod my bass to have a stereo option, so I can send the 1st pair to one amp, and the 2nd pair to the another amp while still being able to pick individually the 4 pickups (already an option now).
    Now another experiment I want to try is to get a custom pedal built for me to also split the signal (to be used for both stereo and mono basses). The pedal will take the (mono) signal, and split it to go to 2 different amps but at the same time I can adjust the volume, EQ and even turn on/off each signal individually with the stomp of button(s) on the pedal. Volume/EQ will be knobs, turning on/off the pedal will be the stomp button. I believe pedals somewhat similar to this exist but there's another feature I want to add: Another button that when activated, signal A will go on and Signal B will go off. Hitting the main button again will reverse it and turn off A and turn on B. Now to make things even weirder, I want this pedal to be both compatible with standard basses and a stereo bass. When using the stereo bass, I want Signal A to be the neck pickup and SIgnal B will be the bridge pickups and still be able to turn on/off/reverse the signals via stomp buttons.

    Now the question is, what is the best way to mod the bass to be stereo. I've emailed a few techs and one will change the input to a stereo input and I'll need a stereo cable which then be split either by a Y splitter or the pedal. He mentioned possible grounding issues with this. Another tech said he can add another jack to the bass for two cables and possibly a switch to go from mono/stereo on the bass.
    Why? Why not? I like experimenting with stuff and I'm very inspired by Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead), especially with the Wall of Sound era when he used the quadraphonic pickups (also on a Guild Starfire) and was able to send a signal from each string on his bass to a different section in their massive PA system. While I don't want to go to that extent (yet), I want to play around with the ability to solo and "converse" with myself via two different amps and tones.

    A rough draft MS Paint drawing I did for the custom pedal

    An example of a Phil Lesh solo that inspired me to do this, Song 21. Dark Star, skip to around 14:20, put on headphones

  2. Well now I know ABY Pedals exist, that solves most of my question. Is there a good ABY pedal for stereo basses and have an option to EQ each signal?