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Stereo Mode

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by WAKOJACO, Dec 17, 2000.


    WAKOJACO Guest

    Jul 5, 2000
    Binghamton, NY
    Curious to know how many people run their bass (amps) in stereo mode...Why and how, particularly with effects. Just to blend in a clean signal?
  2. well, i actuly dont run sterio, but i can...

    to run an amp sterio, you must have a sterio power amp, or a sterio power amp section in your head. To do it, you normaly flip a switch, or press a button that says "Sterio" on one side, and on the other its "mono-bridged" you flip it or select "sterio". You can then plug in speaker's to either side. An example is the Eden WT-800, you can push 800w at 8ohms, mono bridged, or you can have 400w at 4ohms per side, the two sides adding up to 800w.

    The main reason why somone would run their amp in sterio mode is so they can have more speakers, like wiht the WT-800 as an example agian, you can only run one 8ohms cab to have it mono-bridged, but if you run it in sterio, you can have 4 8ohms cabs (two on each side) or 1 4ohms cab, and 2 8 ohms cabs, or two 4ohms cabs. More speakers of course meaning more volume. why? i dont remember, people say it does, and if you do it, you can tell there is more sound.

    Another reason why somone would run their amp sterio is so that they can Bi-Amp their setup by using a cross-over. Basicly what this does it allow you to decide which frequencey's you want to go to either speaker side. an example would be if you have a 4x10 and a 1x15. It would probly sound better if you ran all the low frequencey's to the 1x15, and all the high's to the 4x10, and you get to decide where the frequences get choped. then with the "balance" knob you can decide which cab get more volume.

    For using the effects, on the WT-800 there are two effects loops. you can plug the effects in before the pre-amp (before the eq changes the tone of the bass) and then the effected signal goes to both sides of speakers. if you run the effects after the pre-amp (after eq has changed the tone of the bass) and you have the option of sending it to the high frequencey cab, or the lower frequencey cab (if your using the bi-amp, or just if you'd want to run it to a particular side) or you could send it to both.

    The reason why you'd want to run an effect to a particular side is like wiht chorus. Chorus IMO sounds better wiht higher freq. notes. So if i used chorus i'd run it to the high side cab, so that you'd only have the higher freq. effected, and the low's still maintain their low's.

    Now to add to teh question...
    when running in sterio mood, and you run it favoring one side, does the side being favored get the watts from the other side, or does just one side get turned down, and the other just stays the same? the amp i'm asking about is the Eden WT-800.
  3. Mo' bass

    Mo' bass

    May 4, 2000
    I have a SWR Mo' Bass. I run it in stereo. One channel feeds two SWR Goliath Jr III cabs the other channel feeds a SWR Son Of Bertha. Because the cabs have a different freqency response I can change my sound on stage by varying the relative volume of the channels to compensate for the accoustics. The sound to the PA stays the same. I can also have the effects signal from one channel and an always clean sound from an other channel but I don't use that.

    Muttluk: As each channel/side has it's own power amp it means that 'watts' are never shared between them. So your balance knob just lowers the volume of one channel.
  4. thats what i figured, didnt hurt to ask though, and would be pretty cool if it was the other way around where you could favor one cab with more power.

    WAKOJACO Guest

    Jul 5, 2000
    Binghamton, NY

    The reasoning behind the whole Eden Impedence/Wattage setup is some what of a mystery to me, and was one of the reasons i went with SM-900s. Why would you want to run full power into an 8ohm load? When there are very few 16ohm enclosures out there, this means one cab. IMO, you'd want full power into a lower (i.e. 4ohm) load, so you can use multiple cabs in bridge/mono mode, if desired, to get the most out of your amp(s), and to obtain the most massive sound possible. Moreover, to get 4 ohms per side on the WT800, you have to find 4ohm cabs, most popular encolsures (4x10, 1x15, 1x18) being 8 ohm (I said most, so EASY). In my experience, stereo mode, which the WT800 seems to favor, is not that popular.
  6. actuly... the Eden 4x10 xlt's are avalable in 4 or 8 ohms, both handleing 700w rms. also same with their 2x10 (but handles less wattage) I run my WT-800 Bridged Mono with an 8ohms 4x10xlt and its very very good. i can push the amp very hard with no distortion. If i want to add cab's i'll probly get another 8ohms cab, so that i can run 280w per side, and then if i still need more cabs (which is doubtful) i could just get another 8ohms. I plan on sticking with 8 ohms cabs so that i can have many avalable speaker setups. I actuly dont mind that the WT-800 must run 8ohms for bridged mono.

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